1. Fretting out

    Dracula (1931) most anticlimactic movie ever?/ Terrible movie endings

    I’m saying this with all due respect and I love the movie But…. Dracula has to be the most anticlimactic movie EVER “Oh no the sun is coming up better get into bed” Dracula (in full view of van helsing) Dracula climes into coffin/van helsing sees Dracula clime into coffin Van helsing opens...
  2. TokyoPortrait

    I thought It Was Only Those Old-Timey People Who Couldn’t Build

    Hi. Ever notice how ‘vikings’ and the like, who had learnt how to survive for generation after generation in the cold of their homelands and who had built amazing boats that, well, didn’t sink, never seemed to develop the carpentry skills to construct a door that wouldn’t let the wind blow...
  3. Fretting out

    Music related movies on TCM edit:today

    Edit: today on TCM they are playing music movies all day There’s a quirky one with Herman’s Hermits At 7:30 a.m 9:15 jamboree-Frankie Avalon/fats domino 10:45 don’t knock the rock-Bill Haley 12:15 Don’t look back-Bob Dylan 2:15p.m ABBA:the movie 4:15 A hard days night 6:00 Elvis: that’s the way...
  4. Fretting out

    Guilty pleasure movies/maybe not the greatest/ b-horror

    The ghost of mr chicken is on t.v right now but My choice for tonight is the tingler! With Vincent price, a William castle film with all the hallmarks! What’s your favorite 50’s-60’s horror/b-movie? Well 70’s and 80’s too
  5. B

    Why Am I Doing This? (A Film About Touring)

    100% Dave Grohl free! This is a film about touring musicians who don't care about making it in the music business and all of the hardships they face without the fame. Directed by Eric Fundingsland.
  6. Fretting out

    Who’s watching the leprechaun films today!?

    which ones your favorite! There’s not enough holiday themed horror films!
  7. Steve Holt

    It is Time!

    A little wintertime/Christmas tradition my sister and I started back in college was to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies. My sister lives across the country now, but my wife and I carry on. And we've added the Hobbit movies as well. Starting with the Hobbit this morning. Do you have...
  8. black_doug

    Another Movie Thread - Based on History

    TCM has been showing some good movies that take place during the American Civil War. One was The Outlaw Jose Wales. I really enjoyed it. Other movies I’ve enjoyed that are based on history are The Last of The Mohicans, and Lincoln, both with Daniel Day Lewis. He was also in some others. Gangs...
  9. Steerforth

    Lovecraftian Movies

    We watched, “Dagon” (2001), and, “Color Out of Space” (2020) last night. If you like H. P. Lovecraft, you would probably enjoy them. Mrs. Steerforth was feeling kind of scared when we went to bed. I have the complete works of H. P. Lovecraft on the bookshelf. Before the movies, she wanted to...
  10. fendertx

    It's a rainy Saturday in Houston-Western Movies

    But, Winchester 73 just came on TCM! Been a bit since the last good Western thread, with everyone stuck at home now is a good time. Let's hear your recommendations :)
  11. Fretting out

    Favorite Movies With Musicians

    I watched the movie scrooged earlier and got me thinking about musicians or singers appearing in movies So what’s some of your guys favorite movies where a musician either stars or makes a cameo Or just movies with musicians you have seen including movies with music as a part of the plot and...
  12. TMMC

    We Deal in Lead, friend

    Hey everyone. I've missed the lot of you. I was really rolling (on my SECOND time back) and some pretty awful life events took me out of virtually all online (and in person) collaboration of talk and thought. But no more, and it's nice to be back among some of my favorite people, slingers of...