1. Killing Floor

    Johnny Ramone’s Mosrite

    Anyone here bidding on this? It’s just a bit outside my budget. But it’s been fun to follow this month.
  2. GoldDeluxe5E3

    Glen Campbell: Best Player with Weirdest (worst?) Taste in Guitars?

    I love Glen Campbell as a guitar player, but everything I see tells me he was always the last guy to the guitar shop after all of the good guitars were already sold. What other great player has such bad taste in instruments? Teisco T-60 Epiphone Zephyr Some Danelectro thing: The whole...
  3. dannyreckless

    Tele / mosrite Esquire build

    I have done some searching and have come up kinda...empty. Currently I am in the process of puting together a tele / Mosrite imspired body esquire with a 2 wire humbucker. My current question has to do with the wiring. I want to have just a volume and a 3 way gibson style toggle switch with my...