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  1. R

    Rob Robinette's Micro Champ EF80 Power transformer EU equivalent question.

    Hello all, this is my first time posting on this site, so forgive me if I don't have this in the right place or if I am asking a dumb question. Here is the build--https://robrobinette.com/Champ_Micro.htm#Champ_Micro_EF80 I am going to build Rob's EF80 Micro Champ, but I can't figure out which...
  2. Old Gaucho

    Is the Micro Champ suppattachFull872344osed to be real quiet?

    "Is the Micro Champ supposed to be real quiet?" I got some great help here to get my first amp build, a Champ, running right--it was suffering from parasitic oscillation. Giddy with success, I followed the @robrob plan and built a Micro Champ. It looks great. Haven't had such fun in a long...
  3. augustusd

    Champ Micro build checkout help

    After completing several other amp kits during this past several months, I had to try the Rob Robinette's "Micro champ". I'm new at amp building, I'm new here on this forum. I am having the time of my life building amps. Any help or comments on the included pictures would be much appreciated...
  4. dotbot

    Champ Micro build thread

    Howdy shock bros., I'm in the planning stages of my first amp build, which will be Rob Robinette's Champ Micro. I'm aiming for this rather than, say, a 5F1 kit because I like to build things from scratch and also I really like the idea of having both a volume and a master volume on this...
  5. M

    Micro Champ V2 cathode voltage

    Hi! I just built Rob Robinette´s Micro Champ. I´m confused...I get ca 17V at V2 (12AU7) pin 3/8. Plates V= 390 and cathode resistor is 680. I don´t get it... Anyone who had the same experience?

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