1. Dismalhead

    Just bought a Marshall Lead 12

    Just paid for this guy on Reverb $279 in excellent condition, $330 with shipping and tax. Very exciting! Been poking around looking at them for the last couple of months; asked about them online and watched a bunch of videos - almost all positive. I had a JCM 900 as my main amp for a long time...
  2. AlbertoMilanese

    Marshall 4x12 cab schematics (1960A&B)

    So I had the urge to redecorate my living room with 4x12 Marshall cabs - but after buying more than enough, I thought to myself - why not build one as well? So I began looking for schematics for Marshall cabs and I've come up with these as a result of a quick internet search. However, the more...
  3. whoanelly15

    Marshall Origin SOS

    I have a 20-watt combo Marshall Origin. Little over a year old. Have not had any issues with it. Only play at home and only a couple times per week with this particular amp. Generally, for 20-30 minutes at a time at mid-power and with volume 1-2. Has not left my basement since I got it new...
  4. itsGiusto

    Earliest Marshall speaker configurations

    I'm wondering what were the speakers used in the earliest Marshall amps and cabs. I can't seem to find a site that has good info, that's consistent with other sources. Here are some questions I have: 1. Did the earliest Marshall amps use alnico speakers? When did they switch to ceramic? 2...
  5. Disconnected

    New member

    Hi all. I am an occasional reader of this forum and as of few days ago for the first time owner of a Telecaster. I have been a guitar player for 30 plus years. At start, mostly Ibanez and for the last 15 years Strats, Xotics, Suhr and occasional LP. Have two amps, Silver Jubilee and a Two Rock...
  6. TokyoPortrait

    Could have bought 12 Marshalls yesterday for next to nothing, but I didn’t, because….

    …they looked like a novelty beer. “Amped Up larger” apparently. Pax/ Dean
  7. itsGiusto

    How to install Marshall logo on 4x12?

    A few months ago, I bought a used 1960a cab with a horrible disgusting ratty grill cloth: I just changed out the cloth: I'd like to install the Marshall logo back on. I used pins to mark where the holes are in the baffle behind it: What's the best way to do this? Should I use an awl to...
  8. Mike_LA

    Tube Amp Saturation VS PreAmp Saturation

    Greetings, Well I was struck by PeteB's thread But my question is substantially different, so another thread about saturation. I have Marshalls, all with master volumes. I quite enjoy the preamp distortion brought on by...
  9. JRtele

    NAD: Marshall Mini Jubilee 2525C

    Recently sold a bunch of gear to make space for new stuff. Usual player equipment addiction stuff… Ended up selling a 93 SG standard, and the buyer loved my Marshall SL5 he was testing it with and made me a very generous offer I couldn’t resist. That said, it felt like there was a void...
  10. slickBEawake

    Need small tube amp for home

    I like the Marshall tube sound and looking at the DSL5 or DSL15. Any advice , opinions or other options?
  11. itsGiusto

    Looking for wiring diagram for Marshall 1960a cab backplate

    Specifically, I want one that includes: a 4 ohm input, if in mono a 16 ohm input, if in mono a switch that can switch each input to stereo, each one 8 ohms For some reason I can't seem to find this on google Edit: nvm, I think I found it:
  12. hnryclay

    NAD Marshall 40DSLCR

    Well, I am pretty much a solid Fender amp guy, due to the fact Inlike to play blues, jazz, and my DRRI just works great for that purpose. However in the constant pedal search to make my DRRI sound like a Marshall for some songs, mostly classic rock stuff, I was getting frustrated. So today I...
  13. whoanelly15

    NAD Marshall Origin 20c

    Finally got to A/B this in the store next to the 50-watt. Props again to Dave’s Guitar Shop here in Milwaukee who were willing to bring them both in from the Lacrosse store for me to try. Really helpful folks there -very fair trade-in offers... they’re the best. First general impressions -...
  14. R

    I'm Roger. I am new here. Iposed to tell you all about my gear and I.

    Here goes: I am Roger, 54, guitar, bass and keys. My best band was 'Marble'. Album: 'Starlite Storage' 2001. There are some freebies online if you look it up online. I live in Ventura County now, used to live in the SF bay area and was raised in Chicago, where I had a decent band at 13. I gave...
  15. Jason_

    NAD Origin 20h

    Headed to GC because they showed a Studio Vintage 20 in stock, ready to drop the $ to buy it, dreams of VHII-flavored brown sound in my head. I have a 1936 212 cab with Greenbacks that needed a low wattage head to play at home. Found it, plugged a LP into the bright channel, put it on the low...
  16. AtlanticCity83

    Fender Super Champ X2 or keeping Marshall Origin 50

    Hi Guys, currently I'm playing a LP and an Origin 50 Combo. As I'm a Tele-guy I would like to sell the guitar and buy a Vintera 50s or Player Series Tele. Not sure which one but another question would be: Keeping the Marshall or is the Super Champ X2 a great amplifier? I love Fender's Tweed...
  17. Mike_LA

    My Marshall is under a blanket ----> Marshall 6101 shootout

    Marshall 6101LM (6L6GC Power Valves) and 6101 (EL34 Power Valves) Just got them both back from recap and refurb. Last night I started to compare them, I set all the switches and pots to the same points. They do not sound the same set that way so after a bit of fiddling I got them to sound...
  18. kplamann

    An attenuator changed my life.

    So I have this Marshall JCM 800 Lead head. > 20 kg of early eighties brute force. It was put to good use back in my student band days. Hell was risen back in the day and a joyous time was had by all. You see it below in all its glory. It brings back good memories and also reminds me of events I...
  19. R

    Marshall Studio Classic Bright Cap

    I recently purchased a SC20 and it’s extremely bright unless volume is cranked. I assume it has a bright cap(s) like other JCM800s but haven’t been able to find anything about it online. Is anyone aware of there being bright caps on this amp? Can you direct me to a mod or diagram to remove...
  20. smuc

    To all the Marshall Origin 5C owners out there...

    Picked this amp up used a few days ago despite the "bad" reviews on YouTube. Got a nice deal out of it so I reckoned, if it sounds like crap I will just use the cab & transformers to build something else. Plugged it in... meeeh. Sounds like crap. Anything I tried sounded flat, dead, neurotic...
  21. Shinrock

    Should I spend more than $1k on an amp?

    Age-old question: how much should I spend on a tube amp? Here's what I need it to do: I play regular gigs in both cover and original bands. I have to cover almost every genre of rock and country music (sans death metal). I play with both acoustic and electric drummers, loud and soft hitters...
  22. JRtele

    NAD - Les Paul/Marshall Content

    The thread a few weeks ago about “Marshall is to a Les Paul as ___ is to a Telecaster” reminded me that I got rid of my Marshall a while back and pedals through other amps can’t recreate that sound. I also had a Vox AC4 I never touched, so found a guy who took it and $100 cdn for his mint DSL...
  23. XTRXTR

    Marshall 2204 JCM800

    I love your site @robrob I am currently experimenting with several of your Marshall 2204 mods. This is not a setup for a slam or anything of that sort. I am curious why you made the statement to delete the bright cap on the pre-amp Volume at the bottom of your 2204 Schematic drawing? Is this...
  24. itsGiusto

    Plexi Clone Build - Cannot figure out why harsh distortion

    I've posted many times about trying to debug this plexi clone amp I've built (see also , and...
  25. GreenMagicMan

    Hammond M3 organ conversion to 18W Marshall TMB - first build attempt.

    Tomorrow I get a Hammond M3 organ (free! I am very excited!!) My aim is to build a 18W Marshall TMB clone with all the harvested parts. I feel a little bad to chop up an intact USA built high quality M3... but I want an amp! And if I don't get it it's going to get tossed very soon anyway. I...