1. DrKewel

    magnatone amps

    May I put my two cents in and applaud the Magnatone Panaramic Stereo 2 x10 Just a tone box. The videos tell the story. Yes, it’s very expensive, but you get what you pay for in this world.
  2. R

    Estey T42 Bass amp

    Hi there,I'm a new member,looking for some information on an Estey T42 Bass amp. It looks like on the schematic it's a 1965. Thank you, Randy
  3. mrzig

    Amp Opinion - Compliment to Princeton - Magnatone or Tweed

    Wondering if anyone's been down this road or has an opinion. I know it's helpful to give some background on style of play, etc, so there's more below if you've got an hour :) But, basically, I'm thinking a 2x10 Super Tweed (probably lil dawg), a used 2x10 Magnatone Panoramic or 1x12 Magnatone...
  4. F

    Replacement graphics for '57-era Magnatone Troubadour

    Anybody interested in a replacement overlay for the graphics on a Magnatone Troubadour 213? I am seriously considering getting one made for myself, but I have to get a bunch made to get it done. If your control panel is scratched up and or peeled, would you pay $25 or $30 to make it look new...
  5. rjtwangs

    Great shootout of Magnatone style vibrato pedals!!

    Enjoy....I own two of the Magnavibe's.... RJ
  6. P

    Magnatone Schematic Interpretation

    this may be a stupid question, but i can't seem to find an answer on the internet. I am building a Magnatone 260-A from scratch and was wondering about the schematic. It has sections where the wiring becomes an arrow pointing to a letter in a circle. do i just connect all the A's to each other...
  7. GoKart Mozart

    Tonemaster Troubadour 214 (Magnatone 213) Help

    I recently picked up this early 60's Tonemaster Troubadour 214 in a trade. It's got a great story with it; the guy I got it from did a bunch of yard work for an older lady in his neighborhood and he received it as payment. Her late husband was a guitar player, but after he got older and passed...
  8. O


    I have a '65 Lyric 660 coming in from CME in Chicago on Monday. It's in cosmetically great/excellent shape and it's in good enough shape for Charlie Sexton to do a Sex Drive pedal review video. It has a jack for an extension speaker. Does this jack turn off the 2x12's in the cabinet? If not what...
  9. holdonphoton

    Partscaster MAGNAVIBE demo

    Pics and info here: Thanks for ya time!
  10. P

    Bill Kirchen @ Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE

    Caught the first show of Bill's current tour and it was killer. He's such a class act. Walked around the bar and visited with everybody and played for over three hours. I love his vocals almost as much as his playing. Makes me wonder if guys like him and Redd ever took lessons or if they...