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    Comes A Time, Neil Young 1978

    Comes a Time is the ninth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young, released by Reprise Records in October 1978. Its songs are written as moralizing discourses on love's failures and recovering from worldly troubles. Dedicated to our lovers and peoples looking for love, especially...
  2. TokyoPortrait

    Idle Scum

    Hi. This ‘unplugged’ version is rather cool, methinks. And, in its own way, rather interesting. Pax/ Dean
  3. TokyoPortrait

    I like intimate performance videos, like these two - Tower of Power & Radiohead covers

    Hi. Searching around the internet, I stumbled across this. A trio covering Radiohead’s 15 Step and Tower of Power’s What is Hip. I like these kinds off intimate performance videos, that are well made. Seems like with modern tools available and a little care, and the will to do it, we’re able...
  4. TokyoPortrait

    Radiohead - In the Basement (both performances)

    Hi. As part of the current stay at home thing, Radiohead have put up HD versions of both their From the Basement performances. They are full play-throughs of two albums, In Rainbows and The King of Limbs. These are excellent for Radiohead fans of course, but also for general music lovers at...
  5. Fiesta Red

    Fall Back Fest 2019

    Fall Back Fest (Part I) This is a long read, so please be patient and see it through to the end...I don’t know if there’s a payoff, but... A friendly acquaintance of mine throws a little invitation-only music festival on his rural property every year on the day before we set our clocks back...
  6. TokyoPortrait

    The Clash - Fridays April 25 1980

    Hiya! As a Clash fan, it’s kinda odd I only just got around to hunting this down, their ‘breakthrough’ US television appearance. London Calling, Train in Vain, Guns of Brixton and Clampdown. They look so young. Some Esquire action too. And here’s something else from a few months earlier I...

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