laney cub 12r

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    Amp Recommendation- Laney Cub15R but louder

    New member wanting some advice before I plunk down something I just trade in down the road. Combo amps. I’ve went through a bunch of fenders, a few offshoot brands lately too, and haven’t really felt like I get a dirty sound I’m in love with. I picked up a Laney cub 15R used and really like...
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    Help choosing a budget amp

    Hi. I need to decide between these amps: -Stage Right Monoprice 15w - $310 imported -Laney Cub12r - $390 -Used (good) Laney Cub12r - $285 -Used (like new) Katana 50 MKII - $230 -Used (like new) Vox Mini Superbeetle - $270 -Used (very good) Ibanez TSA30 combo - $390 I'm from Costa Rica, so...
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    Laney cub12r or supro delta king 12

    I'm about to start filling in at lead guitar I have a supersonic 22 that seems to be too loud for the small church. I need a smaller amp and have narrowed it down to these too. I used to have a traynor ycv20wr that I regret selling and would love one of those but they are too hard to buy used...