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    Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Chlorinated Pools, and Gibson Standard vs Historic

    Okay, really dumb question here. After I go swimming in a chlorinated pool or brominated hot-tub, is it okay to play a guitar with nitrocellulose lacquer? Or do the chemicals stick on your skin for a bit? Could the chemicals have an adverse effect on the finish? If it's not good for the lacquer...
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    Refinishing guitar in nitro - have issues

    Lets get something out of the way first - I am Canadian, and unfortunately products like ReRanch, StewMac/ColoTone can't be shipped here (which gives me the big sad:() something about potentially explosive devices in a pressurized cabin doesn't sit well with the TSB. Wood Type: 2p Alder...
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    Stewmac Colortone Pigments (ratios, recipes, etc.)

    Hi, I searched the forums and found a few threads that touched on this, but nothing that really pins it down-- what is the proper amount or ratio of Colortone pigment to use in nitro lacquer to get a good, opaque finish that avoids both: poor drying ("over-opacity", so to speak) or overly thin...