1. willholt92

    These Knobs- JHS and Earthquaker style. Does anyone know what the name of these are

    I've been trying to find these style knobs but I can't find them anywhere. I'm looking to buy some but searches have come up with nothing. EQD use them, JHS had them on the 1966 series and I've seen them on other pedals too.
  2. R

    Classic vibe 50s Tele knob problem

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been posted before or if it’s in the worm place. went to play my classic vibe Tele and the tone knob came off from the pot. How are you supposed to put it back on it doesn’t fit snuggly as when I place the knob back on the pot the knob will spin but the actually pot...
  3. M

    Loose Tone and Volume Knobs

    My Fender Telecaster's tone and volume knobs have come loose after about 6 years of playing. They are the knurled type and use what Fender calls mounting screws - they don't have heads and the straight slot is right on the face of the screw. I'm just wondering if replacing these screws/bolts...
  4. S

    SX Furrian Modifications (Looking for advice)

    Hi everyone, I bought a SX Furrian Ash MN about a year ago. It looks beautiful, but it had significant hum that made it unbearable to play. I should've returned it at the time, but I didn't. Now I want to do modifications to the electronics and aesthetic. Here's what I've done so far: I bought...
  5. Peltogyne

    3D printed knobs

    ... and speaking of knobs, anyone else trying to 3D print some? I've gotten the function down but the finish detail doesn't look good up close. Yet.
  6. M

    Silvertone 1483 knobs

    I recently acquired a Silvertone 1483 in pretty rough shape. I have been restoring it over the past few weeks and it is in great working condition now but, I am having trouble finding affordable knobs. I have found some on ebay and a few other part sites that are original knobs but, they are...
  7. wyclif

    Where can I get Mustang-style "stove top" volume & tone knobs?

    Hi, I'm thinking about putting Fender "stove top" old-school style volume & tone knobs on a Telecaster Deluxe. Does anyone know where I can find good aftermarket replicas? Thanks, googling this is not helping me but I'm sure someone here knows where to go for these.
  8. Marn99

    Hardware and electronics on a budget

    Hey everyone, So I recently went over budget on my senior year independent study project, the walnut telecaster, and I still have the bridge, tuners, pickups, nut, control plate, fret wire, strings, and knobs to buy. Because I went over the budget set by my parents, I now must pay for what is...
  9. Steve Holt

    What mess have I made this time?

    So I just finished my strat build a couple weeks ago and it's shaping up to be my favorite guitar. There are some small issues to work on (set up) but other than that I love the neck and how it plays. However I've been afraid to plug it in because I'm afraid I won't like how it sounds plugged...
  10. mPacT

    Epic Knobs for Andy (Brainy).

    Hi all, Not long after I joined here, I started a thread about a pickup winder. Andy Brain (Brainy) was one of the first people to go out of their way to help me. I had read that Andy liked knobs so I suggested some "Brainy" knobs, (little brains under glass.) He was excited about it. Then I...