1. itsGiusto

    Does there exist an Echoplex kit, or even a BOM?

    Used Echoplex prices have gone bizonkers lately, shooting up to like $1000 for even ones that are not in great condition. Ones that are in good working order are like $1800 or more now. The Fulltone SSTE seems to have jumped over a few years from $1200 to $2000!!! I would love to build one...
  2. norske_jersey_boy

    Mojotone Princeton Reverb - some low voltages and low headroom/vibrato

    I built the kit and am overall very happy...but... The sound is fantastic in general, but I feel the amp starts to break up early - about Vol 4 instead of say, 6 is normal? Also the vibrato intensity seems weak. Could this be related to these voltages I measured? 1) Pin 5's of power tubes...
  3. Mike_LA

    Help me find the right pedal kits to fill a dual effect enclosure

    Right, so I have this barber unit that I sent to barber for repair but he had no interest in fixing it so I had him send it back and I want to build a new dual pedal that fits the enclosure. There are holes for 3 switches, 3 leds, and 7 pots. One of them has to be a compressor, the other maybe...
  4. BackwaterJunction

    "Rocktile" Kit Guitars

    Does anyone have any experience with kits of this brand, or similar? Second hand seller near me has a built kit going cheap, with a CS Twisted Tele neck pickup thrown in for good measure. I reckon it'd be a good way to actually learn some of the fine tuning/DIY jobs myself, and use it as a...
  5. L

    Amp kit compared to the real thing

    At about a grand, the Fender '57 Custom Champ is alot more than I'd like to spend on an amp. I ordered a Champ clone kit from Mojotone that I can't wait to arrive. Anyone here own or played both? If so, how does the kit version compare to the real thing? Thanks in advance!
  6. Lancer X

    Tweed Champ kits? Best vendor?

    Hi all! I am thinking about hand-building a Fender Champ (5F1) clone kit over the winter. Could you please recommend any kit vendors you've had a good experience with? Some candidates: Weber Mojotone StewMac Any recommendations? (This would be my first such build.)
  7. itsGiusto

    Proper lead dress - "as short as possible" vs "tidy" vs wire separation

    There's something that's been bothering me for a while. Many people and amp-kit companies advocate for proper lead dress meaning that you should make your wires both "as short as possible" and "tidy". And it seems that most of these kit companies, in their published pictures, have their wires...
  8. R

    5e3 to bare bones PRRI conversion?

    Hi there, what I really want out of an amp is a simple PRRI with a 12 inch speaker and no reverb/trem. I also want to build said amp myself. What I’m considering is getting a 5e3 deluxe kit and changing the tone stack to match a PRRI including caps and resistors (both fixed and variable). I...
  9. MrCoolGuy

    Mable Audio 5F6A Transformers

    I recently... er... inherited a Mable 5F6A kit. I've built a Weber 5F6A kit before and there is somee similarities. Some things about the Mable kit are actually better, (the turret board is nice, though not correct for a vintage fender, it appears to be very high quality). But do yall know...
  10. Buzzgrowl

    Where to buy tweed deluxe 5E3 kit in Europe?

    Which is the best shop to order a tweed 5E3 kit if you are living in Europe? All advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Cheers, - Buzzgrowl
  11. A

    Shielding wood chassis

    Hello all, I intend on making wood chassis for a (entry level) byo amp kit I ordered. Would shielding with copper shield tape (stuff I have for my guitar) be acceptable?
  12. C

    StewMac Tele Kit

    Hey there! I just purchased this tele kit from StewMac. This will be my first finish and build. I'm hoping this forum will help me through the process! I am keeping only the body and neck. I need to decide on pickups (seems to be routed for humbucker at neck) and tone circuit. Most of the other...
  13. peterferguson9

    Mojotone 5E3 Voltage Question - V2B Pin 8

    First time poster on this forum. First time amp build as well! Calling amp techs/5E3 kit experts: Started putting together my first amp, a Mojotone 5E3, about a month and a half ago. It has been an awesome experience, and I can't wait to do another. I've got a Celestion Gold for this rig and I...
  14. Slim60

    Unhappy with 12-string bridge - should I be?

    Put together a kit guitar - a twelve-string discussed here: After getting advice that perhaps some of the problems I was facing might be addressed by looking at the neck (possibly needing a shim in the neck pocket and...
  15. Slim60

    First time build: T-style 12 string

    Maybe I jumped in the deep end, but was shopping for a new electric guitar and ended up buying a kit instead. It combined Telecaster styling but was a 12 string. The price was right enough so I bought it from an auction site. Never built any guitar, or even done any work on one before so I was...
  16. itsGiusto

    Need advice on JTM45/plexi clone build

    I'm going to be starting a build of a JTM45. I'd like to be able to have some things be switchable to the more high-gain, early 70s plexi specs. For example, I'd like to put a switch to switch between tube rectifier and solid state rectifier, and have two separate bias pots, so I can bias the...
  17. aaronlowther1993

    Weber 6S100 Copper Cap

    Fired up the new build for the first time. The only sound out of the speaker was a wild noise. Not quite feedback, but just noise. After a few seconds the Copper Cap that Weber includes as the rectifier smoked out and both fuses in the amp blew, as well as the one in my variac. After replacing...

    Mojotone 6g2 kit

    I emailed Mojotone asking them to add the brown Princeton to their offerings. The reply I received indicated that it will be added to the catalog for 2020. Very excite!
  19. Gimme_your_bigsby

    My favourite guitar

    Some christmases ago, my dad and I figured that as our winter project we would try to assemble one of those telecaster kits. We both had high expectations of the project's fun factor but low expectations of the end product, after all we're both impatient and at the time knew about as much about...
  20. JazzFan314

    Pictures of a model 5e3 build to work from?

    Hello All, I have recently started my third amp build, a 5e3 Deluxe from a Boothill kit. I am not worried about anything in particular, however I am having some trouble finding great pictures to use as a guide. I can follow the schematic and layout just fine, but having good pictures to work...
  21. ChickenTele

    Best way to fix neck angle?

    I recently built my first kit guitar (cheap tele style), and I seem to have made a mistake when attaching the neck. It sits slightly crooked in the pocket. If I remove the screws, I can easily put it into the right position where it sits square with the body. I'm wondering if any of the more...
  22. Itchyfeet1000

    Making it sparkle: My first Tele kit build

    My first build of any guitar type actually. I don't have the woodworking skills to tackle a build from scratch, but the endless Facebook ads for kit guitars proved too much to resist. And I've always wanted a Thinline Tele that I've never been able to afford, so.... After a lot of researching...
  23. RadioFM74

    Mojotone 5F1: legit?

    Dear all, I've found a Mojotone 5F1 amp at a very good price. Seller says it's 5 years old, all original, and that he built it himself. If it all checks out, I'll buy it. I wonder however if it really is a Mojotone: no documentation, and a Weber speaker that does not compute with what Mojotone...
  24. L

    painting a thinline telecaster body

    Does anyone here have any idea what the best way to go about painting a telecaster thinline body (this one to be exact: ) is? I ofcourse don't want paint to get into the f-hole so any tips...
  25. M

    UralTone 5e3 kit quiet - need help with troubleshooting

    Hi all, I recently completed a 5e3 kit from Finnish UralTone ( ). This is the first amp I've every built, the only experience with electronics before this are a few pedal clones...

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