1. Fiesta Red

    NAD! Kalamazoo Model 4

    Drove past a backyard sale today; wouldn’t have stopped (I mean, I already have a backyard, so why would I buy another one?) but I saw an acoustic guitar case near the gate and thought, “Maybe…just maybe…” Stopped in. No guitars. He said he had amps in the garage/shed. A bunch of crap, except…...
  2. Spox

    NGD Gibson SG

    Literally just walked home with this and took the photo as I opened the case. 1970s SG Standard in walnut with ebony board. All original apart from one pot and a moved strap post. Original tarbacks and harmonica bridge. Last owner had bought it from the same shop I bought it from, is/was...
  3. W.L.Weller

    New Old Amp Day!

    A Kalamazoo Bass 30 rehoused in a Groove Tubes closed-back 4x10. Buckled up and ready to roll! (Probably) Two 7591 and two 6EU7. (I found someone talking about theirs that came stock with 6L6 not 7591). And I'm saying probably because I haven't opened it up yet. I know there are folks who...
  4. B

    Gibson's former Kalamazoo factory is being converted into a Hard Rock Hotel

  5. GoldDeluxe5E3

    Remember that Time Gibson Tried to Make Fender Guitars?

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