1. Festofish

    JHS multi drives.. what’s next?

    After the Muffulletta dropped I wondered what else might be brewing over at JHS. A Tube screamer seemed a pretty obvious choice. I hoped a Rat was in the works but didn’t know if there were enough iterations to warrant it. I’ve got the Muffulletta and plan to add a Pack Rat tomorrow. I’m just...
  2. willholt92

    These Knobs- JHS and Earthquaker style. Does anyone know what the name of these are

    I've been trying to find these style knobs but I can't find them anywhere. I'm looking to buy some but searches have come up with nothing. EQD use them, JHS had them on the 1966 series and I've seen them on other pedals too.
  3. Wound_Up

    DemonFX AT-DS(JHS AT+ clone) pedal?

    Has anybody used one of these JHS clones? All of the demos sound great so I just ordered one. The original is able to use 9 or 18v and I was curious as to whether the clone copied that part, as well. Can it use 18v, also? I'm assuming it can since they copied the entire circuit but I figured I...
  4. WWLaidback

    Collection of Favorite Pedal Effect Demos

    Hello to all, I'm generating an archive of internet pedal demos. Could y'all please help me with the collection! Here's an example of the content I'd like to show. Peace. I like this one at 5:12 for White Wedding. Hendrix Merman at 2:43:
  5. L

    MI Crunch Box vs. JHS Angry Charlie

    I don't want to start a JHS bashing thread. I understand why people have a problem with the brand. This being said, there is a lot of stuff out there on the Angry Charlie being a shameless copy of the MI Crunch Box. I used to own the Crunch Box, and quite liked it. Sold it for some stupid...
  6. Fuzcaster

    NPD JHS Milk Man

    Just came in today, I'm quite impressed by the sound, and the boost feature is way more useful than I expected! Might downsize my whole rig to just this, my supatrem and a loop pedal for my telecaster and blues jr. Haven't bought a pedal in over a year but I'm super pumped about this one!
  7. N

    Walrus Julia vs JHS Emperor

    Any experience with both? I would use mine for a slower, lush, warm chorus or a Leslie on occasion. Is the emperor worth the real estate?
  8. N

    Mid hump overdrive with little tone loss??

    I love a mid hump in my overdrive. Say what you want, but I can't get enough of that tone. I also hate loosing the nice bass and crystal highs I get from my amp when I kick on an overdrive. I just switched from a Fulldrive to a JHS Moonshine. The moonshine isn't as nasty as the Fulldrive was...
  9. Buzzin_Cousin

    NPD: JHS Unicorn "Univibe Pedal"

    I’ve been looking at different univibe like pedals for a couple weeks. I was tied between the BBE Soul Vibe and the JHS Unicorn, although I’ve heard that a modded MicroVibe (fixing volume drop) is also a good option. I also briefly looked at the Keeley Monterey. After a brown used Soul Vibe was...