1. Jeremy_Green

    My new song "What Could Go Wrong" (Mark Lettieri, Rich Brown, Paul DeLong)

    Was a fun track to make. Hope you all like it. Follow and Subscribe to my channel and/or hit my website (in the signature below) if you dig. Cheers all!
  2. revlimitbounce

    New Warmoth build - sanding Q

    Hey y'all: Building my next guitar (a working axe, not a trophy piece or wall hanging; this thing's gonna be gigged) which has a semi-hollow Tele body, mini-humbuckers, mahogany back with a carved, quilted maple top. Been researching to friggin' death all the online smarts (and NOT so smarts)...
  3. MTPoteet

    500 Listens!

    I have posted this on other forums. My song "Chocolate Chip Pancakes" (I have them every Sunday) has reached 500 listens on Soundcloud. Thanks to all of you who listened here and the other forums. That may not be a lot to most of you but to me it's huge. My next closest is "Slippin' Away From...
  4. J

    This guitar was built to play jazz

    The here is my Hagstrom 67 Viking II reissue. It is one of the nicest sounding jazz hollow bodies I have owned! Does anyone else own a Hagstrom and play jazz guitar?
  5. SonsOfMoog

    Jazz-abilly gig in Arlington, VA

    Hello all, I'll be playing a show with a 52 AVRI Hot Rot Tele and a hollow body Gibson 195. I'll be playing along with a drummer, Kent Stax of the punk band, Scream. He'll be playing a single snare drum with jazz brushes and sticks. Next month we'll be adding John Previti on upright bass. He...
  6. MTPoteet

    Let me know what you think....

    Please listen through the intro. Here's a snappy little tune I came up with recorded with a T style kit I built last year. Straight into Boss eBand JS-10 with no effects, then into Garage Band also with no effects. Let me know what you think Thanks, enjoy.
  7. LesQuire

    New Redd Volkaert tab again!

    I'm back with a new tab of that same old Redd Volkaert show, there's just so much good stuff to transcribe in that one, this time it's of an instrumental tune called Send It Back. Hope you enjoy and maybe borrow a lick or two!
  8. Tricone

    Bill Frisell and Julian Lage "Someday My Prince Will Come."

  9. Tricone

    Martin D28 or 00 28 for jazz

    Hello. I am looking at flat top acoustic guitars to play jazz/jam band music. I am a "quality over quantity" type and only own one guitar, a Mule steel tricone. My Mule covers all the bases for me and then some. I would like to own a wood flat top to play jazz and jam on. I will state I am a...
  10. Tricone

    Nels Cline and Julian Lage

    I have enjoyed listening to Nels Clune for quite a few years. I just found these today though. Color me impressed. and an acoustic performance:
  11. syredheadcastlab

    some mathy art rock

    no one i know has heard of this band, they're very special and i'd like to share their music! this album is phenomenal, production and playing-wise. if you're impatient skip to 3:58 for a great moment guitarist uses a tele too<3 hope you enjoy
  12. Prison Rodeo

    Christmas gift help

    My son (age 12) has been playing guitar for a year or two, and loves it, and is getting better all the time. In the past few months he's also begun playing guitar in his middle school big-band, which he enjoys a lot. I'm thinking of getting him an amplifier as a Christmas present, and am...
  13. LesQuire

    Two new country tabs I did (Redd & Donato)

    Here are two tabs I uploaded recently of two amazing Tele twangers, Redd Volkaert and Daniel Donato. Love 'em both and I always learn things transcribing their playing, hope you learn something too! Redd playing Crazy Arms (full song) Daniel Donato playing Truck Drivin' Man (only solos)
  14. LesQuire

    Artur Menezes anyone? Spicy solo w/TABS!

    Not the most well known guy around I think, (not yet anyways) but this solo is fantastic to check out if you want to spice up your blues soloing! There are some great jazz inflicted lines and cool rhythmic phrasing throughout the piece, but still it stays firmly in the blues tradition. Very...
  15. KrenarCilku

    Budget Jazz Guitars

    Hey guys! My name is Krenar and I've been a jazz addict for the past 6-7 months! When I was looking for affordable options for jazz guitars, there wasn't a lot that came up. It was either a boutique builder showing up or Eastmans and not a lot in between. Then I figured out that Ibanez has...
  16. TokyoPortrait

    Why Ed, You're a Square (Dave Brubeck Quartet on The Ed Sullivan Show)

    Hi. One thing leads to another. Found this hunting around after the King of Rock "n Roll thread. All sorts of awesome. Pax/ Dean
  17. jrintheemaking

    Jazzmaster body build

    Hello. I’m looking for a ready-made Jazzmaster body with a string-thru body and without a tremolo cavity. I already have a traditional Jazz with the Trem, and I want a build that I can modify with 3 Firebird pickups. Also, I don’t want to have a Jazzcaster guitar(a Jazzmaster build and...
  18. LesQuire

    Redd Volkaert Tab! NO TALKING!

    Yep, back at it again. Went back and tabbed out the first video I did on Redd Volkaert. This is just the performance, no talking lesson or analysis, only music with tabs synced for you to follow along with. Enjoy!
  19. LesQuire

    Redd Volkaert w/ TABS!

    (Rest easy Charlie Watts, it's a sad day & year for rock 'n' roll, I'm still recovering from Dusty Hill, RIP.) I'm back doing another lesson/analysis on the Tele-Whacker himself, Redd Volkaert, this time featuring tabs for the performance, hope you enjoy and get some cool licks and chord moves...
  20. LesQuire

    5 Great Julian Lage Licks (w/ TABS)

    I just uploaded a lesson showing a couple of cool licks I learned from a Julian Lage video (that I've watched way too many times even before transcribing, it's so good). The licks here are very flexible and can be used in varying blues, country and jazz contexts, it doesn't have to be the 220...
  21. T

    Indio Retro Classic vs. Squier CV for jazz?

    I've heard good things about both but I like the look of the Indio more. I see some in a 3 tone sunburst that really catches my eye. Is the Squier a lot better? I have not had the chance to play an Indio but I did play a Squier CV years ago and liked it. I also tried out a Squier Affinity...
  22. A

    Mini Hambuckers for a jazzy sound

    Hi, everyone. I have a Mexican Tele 2020 Player Series, and I’m about to install a Duncan SM-2b on the neck position, for a warmer, jazzy sound. Will I get those cool low frequencies? Any thoughts? Thank you.
  23. KrenarCilku

    What's the longest break you've ever taken from playing guitar?

    Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well! I was faced with a couple of weeks filled with Uni Exams and stressful work shifts so I wasn't able to play guitar at all. Normally, I try to play guitar every day for about 2-3 hours. It's not that I've set myself that goal but I genuinely enjoy...
  24. LesQuire

    New Redd Volkaert lesson!

    Just did another transcription/analysis/lesson on the amazing Redd Volkaert over on my channel, enjoy and have a great weekend!
  25. KrenarCilku

    Why Jazz?

    Hey guys! I recently uploaded a video about my fascination with jazz recently and it really has been a revelation so I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys. What has been a factor that has changed the way you look at guitar? I would love to hear your stories. Cheers!

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