1. J

    Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Humbucker without the split coil...

    Hello, I have a Fender MP Tele Plus (Tele neck, Strat middle, Humbucker bridge (3 wire plus bare, wired in parallel which I like). It has a 5-way switch. I had replaced all the pickups with Fender Vintage Noiseless. And I replaced the coil split switch with a neck on switch. The noiseless...
  2. wierzbowski

    Humbucker split that sounds like a Tele neck pickup

    I love the sound of a regular Tele neck pickup. I've tried P-90s, humbucker sized P-90s, Strat pickups, and Strat-flavored Tele pickups and the standard Fender is my favorite. That said, I'm always looking to get some extra versatility from my guitar. Are there any humbuckers that have a split...
  3. Dave DiLapo

    Series/Off/North Pole Wiring Mystery

    Hoping someone can help me find the flaw in my logic here, I am trying to wire up a Seymour Duncan JB Bridge pickup with a DP3T ON/ON/ON slide switch so that the first position will give me both coils in series, the second position will give me no output from the pickup at all, and the third...
  4. S

    New American Pro II Tele Deluxe- Pickup Issues? Suggestions for New Humbuckers?

    Hi Everyone, new member long time Tele lover. Got a new American Professional II Tele Deluxe in dark night color. It's awesome, like killer, other than having microphonic pickup squeal at higher volumes. See the Youtube video link below...This is gain 6.5 volume 2.5 on my evh 5150 III 50 watt...
  5. likeasong90

    Help with wiring (1 humbucker + 1 vol 1 tone pots + selector as killswitch)

    Hi, TDPRI people! First of all, I just registered but I have been visiting this site for years, lurking and learning quite a bit from you all. Thanks for the massive knowledge repository you've made of this site! 🤗 I have an issue that I haven't been able to sort out even after reading loads...
  6. micpoc

    2 Humbucker Wiring Question

    Hey all. I have a guitar with two humbuckers that has a separate volume for each pickup and a master tone. I do not know if this is standard–it’s been a LONG time since I had such an arrangement on a guitar–but in the middle/both-pickups-on switch position, turning either volume down to zero...
  7. G

    Wiring not working, where did i screw up?

    I've finished soldering together a dual-humbucker setup with 2 Mustang switches each for Series/Split/Parallel as shown in the wiring diagram: Unfortunately I found some issues: -I wanted the volume knobs to only control 1 humbucker each, but it turns out they each control both humbuckers...
  8. G

    Mini Toggle Wiring - 8 lugs vs. 6 lugs?

    I'm trying to wire up a pair of humbuckers to their own 3-way mini-toggle DPDT on/on/on switches for series/parallel/split, but the only diagrams I can find for this setup use 6-lug switches like these: Whereas mine have 8 lugs each. How do I use 8 lugs for this?
  9. G

    Tonerider Birminghams?

    Considering ordering a pair from Tonerider, but I'm wondering just how much midrange it has, and if it sounds nice in series, parallel, and split.
  10. G

    Seymour JB vs. DiMarzio Super Distortion: Go!

    I need a pair of humbuckers for my Mustang build, each with a 3-way for parallel/series/split, and it's come down to either JBs or Super Distortions for some mid-heavy, distorted sound. My preferred pedal for such is a RAT, with occasional EQ and comp use, so which bucker should I bite the...
  11. G

    Humbuckers for a Mustang?

    I'm currently in progress towards finishing my Jag-Stang build, all I need now are the pickups. It's basically a Mustang (same trem, 24" scale) with 1 tone, 2 volume knobs at 500k, and as stated 2 humbuckers, both with a 3-way switch for regular/split/series options. I can't figure out what...
  12. UK_Biggles

    Phat HSS Wiring Scheme With Mods - Please Rate & Vote

    Howdy fine folks! I'm putting together a 3 pickup Jazzmaster partscaster and never being one for the conventional I've come up with this wiring diagram for a "phat" HSS setup. Versatility is the goal here - I legitimately play so many different styles so in putting together my "forever" guitar...
  13. H

    Looking for some advice on how to wire my Modern Player Tele

    Hey everyone, I have a question that I'm suspecting is bit unique, since there weren't any other posts for this exact question. Soon, I'll be upgrading my Modern Player Tele, which currently has the stock HSS configuration. I'm looking to swap the bridge and neck pickup, and take out the...
  14. K

    Help to check wiring diagram for 2Humbucker with modded PTB-M

    Hi guys, new forumer here! I like to ask favor from another pair of eyes to check my wiring schematic. I'm getting ready to rewire a HH 2vol2tone guitar that I have using modified PTB-M circuit, currently still deciding between 2 variations, but rn I'm kind of undecided about how the 2nd...
  15. J

    Favorite neck humbucker?

    I currently have a tele with a great bridge pickup, and I’m interested in putting a humbucker in the neck. Before I do something crazy, I’d like to hear what your favorite neck humbuckers are - or if you prefer P90s/lipstick pups!
  16. buting

    500K Potentiometers for Seymour Duncan Hot for Tele STL-2?

    Hi everyone! I have a Yamaha Pacifica 311MS with a Suhr SSV neck and a Seymour Duncan STL-2 bridge. It currently has 250K pots, but I am planning to install 500Ks as I find the SSV dull sounding. I am quite happy with the STL-2. It sounds big and muscular, but adding a bit of brightness will...
  17. FingerMyFrets

    Throwing two neck humbuckers in HH guitar. (Need some help!)

    So I got my hands on two cort mason mb-1 neck pickups that I intend to throw in my HH ibanez. My question is which way would I face the poles/slugs on the bridge? Does it even matter? I plan on wiring these with push pulls to have both in series as an option. Here is a picture of the guitar it...
  18. J

    Upgrades for Squier Affinity Telecaster to sound like heavy rock/grunge/metal?

    I have this Squire Affinity Telecaster and I want to replace the stock bridge pickup with seymour duncan hot rails and the neck pickup with lace sensor blue pickups. I want to get a very nice, polished clean, shimmering tone on the neck, not too muddy (for radiohead ok computer vibes hehe) and...
  19. M

    Reverend Bass Contour schematic or photo?

    Hi, folks! I'm really intrigued by Reverend's bass contour knob and want to implement it into a harness of my own. I've looked up a basic explanation and schematic, and seen about 4 different versions of it; G&L's PTB, Premier Guitar's 'Focus Knob', etc. What I'm hoping for is a control cavity...
  20. Killing Floor

    Guac & Pico! Am I Extraordinary?

    Yes, I am. Delicious!
  21. naneek

    pickup route question - humbucker to single coil

    I have a tele with a standard humbucker route in the bridge. I am converting it to single coil. I have pickups in a tele form factor and one in a strat form factor. I'm disabled so unfortunately I won't be doing the work myself any more. I'm just trying to figure out which of the parts that I...
  22. K

    Help Me Choose - SSH Tele???

    I've sold a couple of guitars - and I'm determined to get my ideal Tele - the SSH (H in the Neck). The closest config I've seen to my panecea is the Squier Deluxe Modified Tele (SSH). But I really find the stock colors white or black boring. And the "Squier" name bugs me a bit - since I can...
  23. Cellecaster

    Lesquier Build

    Hey. I have been lurking around this forum for along time. Such a great community. Now I want to contribute myself. I am going to build a one-pickup Les Paul Junior (Body) / Tele (Neck) Hybrid. Ash Body - Roasted Maple Neck with Evo Frets. Bridge Full Brass "Slick Guitars" Style Bridge...
  24. G

    Detangling a Rat's Nest

    I recently finished soldering my kit Tele Deluxe's electronics, but as soon as I plugged it in to test it, the amp began playing this horribly loud hum - with dual humbuckers. I haven't had buzzing issues with my regular Tele, so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Pictures provided, but they...
  25. JRtele

    I did a thing. Caution, Gold Hardware (and LP) Content

    Bought an epiphone frampton LP about a year ago. Loved the fenix neck on it (more than my 09 Standard) and the 3 Pickup look. But hated the stock pickups and the frampton wiring scheme. So here’s before: And after. Upgraded to a vineham set after spending an hour on phone with Craig. Also...