home recording

  1. Irishaiano1

    Amp for home recording, tone king gremlin vs falcon grande vs carr skylark

    hi friends, I'm looking into geting a new amp for home recording, which could also sound good at recording at bedroom'ish levels. The amps I've got my eye on at the moment are... tone king gremlin, tone king falcon grande and the Carr skylark, as they all have in-built attenuators. Anyone got...
  2. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (home recording / DAWs)

    Hi. I learnt there’s this guy making free plugins - Analog Obsession. Available on his Patreon page. All free except two, which are made available if you become a patron. A lot are just yet another version of an LA-2A or whatever, but there’s some cool wee things in there too...
  3. Mark E Rhodes

    How do you record and mix vocals?

    I've written a lot of songs in the past two years and most of my time at the DAW (Reaper) has been spent on guitar parts, bass parts, and drum sounds, an increasing amount is being spent recording vocals. (I put it off as long as I could...) I hear about the use of two compressors to get a...
  4. Mark E Rhodes

    Show us your desk!

    I'm working in cramped quarters and it has reached the point that I'm going to have to set aside dough and buy a more suitable desk to work at when recording music. What sort of desk do you work at? Would you recommend it to a fellow Tele player?
  5. Ed Driscoll

    Three New Songs, “Down to Mexico,” “Out Where I Am Living Now,” “Honky Tonk Haven”

    “Down to Mexico” was a song I wrote in March to some drum loops from the Superior Drummer 3 Eddie Kramer Legacy of Rock expansion pack, which plonked a kick-ass drummer in front of a drum set that replicated John Bonham’s amber Vistalite kit from The Song Remains the Same concert film and album...
  6. drewg

    Is 70s Traynor YGM-4 a Good Home Recording Amp?

    – And, how would you mic a 4x8 cabinet like that? – (Would a YGM-3 (1x12) be better for recording?) – Anyone play an acoustic dread with a K&K pickup through it? I want to record my own songs with mostly clean rhythm guitar sounds and voice, though with occasional picking and dirt and...
  7. L

    How to use backing track with a Revv D20 ?

    Hello everyone, Do you know any trick to be able to play a backing track or a song coming from an external device (phone...) on a Revv D20 to play over while using headphones ? I know there's a trick with the Helix where you can get audio in to play along but I haven't found anything on the...
  8. L

    Revv D20, Fender TM Deluxe or Helix Line 6 ?

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask the community for advice before purchasing some gear, Here is my situation, since I became a dad of twins 18 months ago, I’ve been playing guitar mainly at night when everyone is asleep through a Zoom G1xOn with headphone (which sounds good btw). And if...
  9. L

    I need help with studio monitors

    Hi, i apologize in advance for my bad english in. I plan to buy studio monitors for electronic music production( I need good bass). I'm in doubt: For my budget i can buy audio interface focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen and krk rp5 g4 monitors or just presonus eris e8 monitors that i would plug...
  10. U

    First at Home Recording Efforts: Pedal Steel and Tele Content

    So, after years noodling away at home by myself, and not enough time to play in a band aside from an occasional bluegrass jam, I thought I'd get some basic home recording equipment. Presonus interface and one mic (Audio Technica AT2020). Everything played with my Baja Tele, Princeton Reverb...
  11. Blackie1956

    TOO MUCH BASS in my recording room! Help!!!

    I've been putting up with this room for a long time now. I'm grateful to have the space, but it's not working for recording. I've tried isolating the amp/mic with carpet/pillows. That helped very little. I record and still get too much low frequencies rumbling. I don't want to edit out those low...