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  1. O

    DIY Need help with a 5w Tube amp idea

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. What webistes or books etc. can i learn to build my own 5w tube amp to sell eventually? I see if i copy other amps schematics and sell them i can get sued. I am trying to build my own version of the old pignose 7-100 or the dwarf amps but a 5w TUBE AMP...
  2. Donnie L

    Leslie West's real signature? Help !

    Hey Gang, I thought I would try to post here on Tele forum; it's been a long time since I have posted... I need some help , I recently purchased a 2008 Dean "Leslie West Signature" Soltero. Aside from a crack in the neck that will be repaired (shipping is too much for a return for this guitar)...
  3. L

    Mystery PCB identification help

    I was given this by a good old friend a couple of decades ago but for the life of me can't remember what amp it was for. From all I can recall, it may be of a mesa boogie clone or a soldano maybe. Could be a long shot but can anyone recognize what amp is this for just by looking at the empty PCBs?
  4. PWbenderMN

    Need help identifying what kind of tele I might have

    I was recently given B bender that my dad bought used a while ago. I have looked all over the internet and I can't find anything that's really at all similar. I believe the guitar has mostly been put together from different parts of a couple models, but I am hoping someone here might be able to...
  5. M1dnightrider

    Help with speaker ID

    Hi all, I recently scored an old peavey deuce 4x10 combo from a friend for a great price, that I have converted into a cab for my Germino Club 40 head. It is not only a perfect fit for the head size wise, but is also finger jointed pine with an open back. I had been planning for a while now on...
  6. G

    Colors close to this/RGB or hex values?

    I found a picture of a beautiful MJT guitar painted in "Sunset Coral" - problem is, I want to paint my Jag-Stang in said color, I just don't have any idea how. One idea would be to get it color-matched, buy a can of paint from it, then get a spray gun to apply it. Unfortunately I would really...
  7. S

    Help! What tele model is this thing?

    Hello all, brand new to the forum. Please remove if not allowed. I just bought my first tele 2nd hand and couldn’t figure out what model it is. I believe may be an American special, but idk much about teles. I only suspect an special because it has a color matched headstock. Any help would be...