1. KrenarCilku

    Harmony Guitars

    I've always heard about old Harmony guitars being very vibey guitars that fit a certain niche. I've also heard that they weren't built particularly well and that they're not the guitar you can rely on to do everything. Saw one and grabbed a Comet at 42 Gear Street, a YouTuber event in Germany...
  2. Fumbler

    Any Harmony Roy Smeck Stratotone Owners out there?

    I’ve just picked up one of these great little guitars but it is missing the chromed metal “Roy Smeck” headstock logo. Im looking into getting a waterjet cut logo made or possibly even 3d printing one then casting a replacement. I want to make sure to get the proportions right. 1st question...
  3. obiwankanobi

    Harmony, Unknown Model

    I bought an old Harmony Rocket, but I'm hard pressed to figure out which model it is. After doing some extensive research, I think it's a guitar that somebody modified. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13b2627mVamWrets2n-Of87Pkl5aZs8Da/view?usp=sharing It has two knobs and two pickups, and all...
  4. Fretting out

    Harmony reissues “classics” ?

    i just saw this on a website. at the top of a page there was a ad for harmony guitars and how they’re making reissues and new originals . I’m not that old but when I was a kid Harmony where the guitars in the J.C Penny Or Sears catalogue that I drooled over cause I hadn’t seen a real guitar and...
  5. wyclif

    The Department Store Guitar: A History

    A look back at the department store guitar and its impact on modern music. Sears’ retail Harmony meant way more to our culture than some giant big-box stores. https://tedium.co/2019/01/24/department-store-guitar-history/
  6. K

    EHX Pith Fork vs ....?

    The Boss PS-6 and the TC Quintessence are a little "too much" for what I need. I want a harmony on the 3rd or 5th, and that's all. Not necessarily interested in octaves. The EHX Pitch Fork is the best pedal I can find that does what I need. But are there any good alternatives? What do you guys...
  7. Marn99

    Harmony electric guitar wiring question

    While I am collecting the materials for my f-5 mandolin and spruce telecaster build, I thought I would work on the neck of my walnut tele and make a Harmony H-44 replica. The wiring diagram it says that the potentiometers are 50k pots, and sure enough on the sides of the pots in the images I've...
  8. coolbreeze475

    3 part harmonies on Acoustic & Electric (Slide content also)

    Well I went way out there on this song so that I could learn from experimentation. I experimented with harmony using a variety of scale/mode applications. I included a sheet so that you know how I approached the song pertaining to the chord progression and it's in HD so make sure you click high...
  9. Marn99

    Is this a genius idea or a stupid one?

    So last night I had the idea of taking a used Epiphone Les Paul Junior and turning it into a Harmony H-44 Stratotone. I mean, looking at an LP junior, it almost already is somewhat set up like an H-44. All I would need to do is first strip it, reshape the cutaway, headstock, and perhaps some of...