ground hum

  1. Paul-McShartney

    Twin Reverb Buzzing Issues

    I was wondering if you guys can help me isolate the noise issue with my 65' Twin Reverb Reissue. Things I've noticed with nothing plugged in the amp: -buzz gets louder as I turn up vibrato channel volume, and lesser so when I turn up the normal channel -buzz gets significantly louder and in...
  2. K

    Do I Ground Copper Tape Shielding?

    I've ordered some copper tape to shield the cavities of my (humming) Telecaster. Should I ground the shielding? It would make sense to me to solder a wire from the (interconnected) shielding to the grounding wire from the amp socket. Does it make a difference? Thanks.
  3. P

    Buzzing Deluxe Thinline Telecaster

    Hey everyone, I have an issue with a badly buzzing deluxe thinline telecaster (mim) that I'm trying to diagnose. I've heard a decent amount of other people have had the same issue with this model and I was hoping someone knew a way to fix it. It has noiseless pickups which are supposed to stop...
  4. DanCooz

    Fishman Ground Hum

    Hey all, this is my first thread, and I'm seeking some ideas as to what I did wrong. I built my Blacked-out Paisley Tele with the Fishman Greg Koch set, and a black Wilkinson compensated brass saddle bridge (sanded the finish off the back to make sure the ground wire that goes thru the body has...