1. Spox

    What Was The Shortest Gig You Have Been To?

    I am currently digitising my tape collection and I used to record gigs I went to. I have just digitised a punk gig from 2002 and one of the bands did a set which lasted under twelve and a half minutes. What was the shortest set you saw as in deliberate rather than cut short by unforeseen...
  2. BuckyBill

    What was your worst gig?

    Love gig stories so thought it would be interesting to hear about your worst gig's.
  3. fendrguitplayr

    Are you seeing short hour gigs?

    ...and shorter pay? A club we used to play at went from 8:30-12:30 at $500. total to 8:00 - 11:00 at $300 total. From other local bands I've spoken with it seems to be widespread in this area. How about in your area?
  4. JL_LI

    There's a bar at the center of our galaxy. Does anyone think we can gig there?

    Just curious. Just askin'. Here's a link for anyone who wants to know more.
  5. Alexpapasitoguapo

    +21 Minimum age to concert

    Hi everyone, So I have been waiting quite a bit for a Ron Gallo concert here in the SF bay area and I got very disappointed that the minimum age was +21 to get in, I'm 15 and I think that kind of stuff is really messing up rock and music concerts in general. I've been in many concerts before...
  6. P

    Gigs You're Looking Forward To.....

    Hope this is the right place to post this..... My wife just texted me to let me know she's booked for us to Sonny Landreth in London, next April. I've only recently discovered him / his music but I really want to see him play live. How about others? Any gigs booked that you're just itching to see?