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  1. BuckyBill

    What was your worst gig?

    Love gig stories so thought it would be interesting to hear about your worst gig's.
  2. Shinrock

    Should I spend more than $1k on an amp?

    Age-old question: how much should I spend on a tube amp? Here's what I need it to do: I play regular gigs in both cover and original bands. I have to cover almost every genre of rock and country music (sans death metal). I play with both acoustic and electric drummers, loud and soft hitters...
  3. loanmeadime

    Silver Face Vibro Champ & Speaker Cab Inquiry

    I want to make my little champ a bit louder.... what speakers could I throw into a 2x10 cab that would give me some more juice? My vision is to have this for my small club dates, and there is PA support. I just want to be able to move a little more air to hear myself over the drummer. I'm new...
  4. R

    Roland Jc40 with distortion/overdrive pedal?

    Does anyone know how a Roland Jc40 will take a tube amp pedal such as the Mesa Boogie Throttle box or the Diezel Vh4 Distortion pedal, considering that the Roland is a solid state will it still sound good with those high gain tube pedals into the clean channel? I'm performing "Fade to Black" as...
  5. JustABluesGuy

    Any advice for a fly in gig with no gear?

    I'm going to be sitting in with my cousin's band the end of this month on lead guitar and backing vocals (for the most part). I have a copy of the set list but will not be able to practice with them until the day before the gig. They do a mix of covers and a few originals, some of which I'm...

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