1. TyPierce

    For Sale Seymour Duncan Hot P90 pair - $150 shipped!

    Selling a pair of SD’s Hot P90 pickups. This is a great set of higher-output P90s for anyone who wants to kick things up a notch! SP90-2N Neck: 11.96k SP90-2B Bridge: 15.29k Cream covers, about 16” of lead on each one and in good shape overall. Will include mounting screws, although one is a...
  2. RobRiggs

    Dean guitars skunked again.

    Looks like Gibson has won another court battle defending their proprietary body designs.
  3. R

    Salvaging a Epiphone Slasher FX...

    Hey y'all! I was at an estate sale this past weekend and this gorgeous guitar caught my eye, it's an epiphone Slasher FX that sadly has been absolutely gutted. I got em down to $150 (because I love a good firebird body, what can I say) and now I'm trying to think through what I can use the...
  4. Spox

    NGD Gibson SG

    Literally just walked home with this and took the photo as I opened the case. 1970s SG Standard in walnut with ebony board. All original apart from one pot and a moved strap post. Original tarbacks and harmonica bridge. Last owner had bought it from the same shop I bought it from, is/was...
  5. Record83

    A Tale of Two Gibson SG Husks - My first expedition into refinishing

    A quick background: I began fiddling around with guitar building/finishing in 2010. My previous expertise was audio recording, so I spent most of my early years focused on my recording studio and video editing. I never was, nor never profess to be any kind of woodworker, craftsman or luthier. It...
  6. Tele-friend

    NGD - Les Paul Gold Top 50's

    A Fender Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde and a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top. That are the two guitars that I have always wanted. A dream for me. I remember when I was a teenager that I had photos of these two on the wall in my bedroom. Now, many years later, I have a good job and a family. And I...
  7. AlbertoMilanese

    NGD: Choosing the right Les Paul (on a slight budget): Tribute, Studio, Classic

    So lately I've been wanting a new Les Paul for myself - since I already have a CS 57 Gold Top, I figured I'd try something new. So I went on an online shopping spree and bought three of the cheaper Gibson models: one Tribute, one Studio and one Classic. First, the Tribute is the cheapest of...
  8. hnryclay

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Special it just feel right

    Sometimes a guitar just fits, this one does for me. Played it all morning, it just screams rock and roll.
  9. Cleantone

    Les Paul Custom - help me decide

    Should I sell it? Or can I make it a better guitar to play? I have owned a '71/'72 Les Pal Custom (fretless wonder) for about 30 years now - my first electric. So there is history there, but it is a strained relationship. Compared to my other guitars it is tough for me to play. I've had it...
  10. Fretting out

    Gibson reissuing maestro pedals! Fuzz!!!??

    I just saw on their YouTube channel that these are coming soon I hope it’s the fz-1 fuzz The original “satisfaction” fuzz
  11. jrintheemaking

    Best sounding Acoustic/Electric?

    Hi, I wanted to get everyone’s opinion as to what they think the best acoustic sounding acoustic/electric is (e.g. Gibson ES, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, etc). I’m not really interested in how it sounds plugged in (although that could be a plus). I am mainly interested in how full it sounds...
  12. cottontails1959

    1959 ES-175D

    I'm considering buying a 1959 Gibson ES-175D. It could stand a re-fret (there are some serious canyons in the 3-4-5 frets). I want to use the original wire alloy ... my inclination is to use original size as well. #1. What's the community's experience doing this? #2. Any comment on what the...
  13. digitalMagnetics

    Les Paul Fretboard Too Small For Neck - Feels Rough

    Well, I bought a guitar sight unseen. Maybe I shouldn't have? It's a Gibson, and it just arrived in the mail. The fretboard is perhaps a fraction of a mm too narrow for the neck, and it's rough from top to bottom on both sides. I've never played a guitar with this problem. I like the guitar...
  14. JRtele

    NGD: Gibson Slash Goldtop

    Aka “Victoria”. A couple trades removed from a White Falcon that wasn’t working for me, I just swapped a 60s LP standard and some cash for another Gibson. 2020 Gibson Slash Goldtop. The other guy already removed the slash signature truss rod cover which saved me the 2 mins. The big 50s...
  15. no doz

    a sentimental NGD

    2012 USA gibson explorer traditional pro. wine red nitro finish. '57 classic in the neck and a burstbucker 3 in the bridge. only about 85% of the size of a standard explorer, contours and profile feel a lot sleeker imo. it's the first gibson i've ever owned. this guitar is a really...
  16. Wooly Fox

    NGD - Gibson Custom CS 336 Ebony

    As posted in my other thread on semi hollow searching, I today tried and bought a semi hollow. It's a Gibson Custom CS 336 in Ebony. Wasn't intending on trying, let alone buying, such a guitar but it spoke to me and I just had to have it. Got a good deal I think on the price, the finish is...
  17. H

    The Gibson Player Port... seriously?

    Gibson just announced a new line of guitars, which have a soundhole cut out of the side so you can immerse yourself in your own sound, "deepening your understanding of the chords and notes you play". When I search about the guitar online, all I see is a slew of articles released seemingly in...
  18. black_doug

    Is This The Les Paul You’ve Always Wanted?

    A ‘59 that has had one owner.
  19. JRtele

    NGD: Gibson 345

    Wanted a 335 for a long time, after a long work trip I played a few, nothing I loved. Got sent out for another couple months follow up, and while there decided I’m past the age of settling for now and continuously trading up to get what I really want. To that end, I found this on Reverb. After...
  20. hnryclay

    NGD vintage Gibson ES 125T

    Purchased this yesterday, love the guitar looks like a replacement saddle, will be buying another one other than that really nice shape. Sounds great through the Deluxe Reverb. Seems to be a 64 model, from serial number. Will be installing some flatwounds and cleaning it up later today.
  21. H

    Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Chlorinated Pools, and Gibson Standard vs Historic

    Okay, really dumb question here. After I go swimming in a chlorinated pool or brominated hot-tub, is it okay to play a guitar with nitrocellulose lacquer? Or do the chemicals stick on your skin for a bit? Could the chemicals have an adverse effect on the finish? If it's not good for the lacquer...
  22. TN Tele

    Gibson Garage Grand Opening Today

    Yes I know this is a telecaster forum, but for those of you who live in and around Nashville, the first Gibson Garage store opens today 12 noon to 5pm. Every Gibson model is out and on display to touch and play. Was able to take a selfie wthe the CEO James Curleigh.
  23. R

    I'm Roger. I am new here. Iposed to tell you all about my gear and I.

    Here goes: I am Roger, 54, guitar, bass and keys. My best band was 'Marble'. Album: 'Starlite Storage' 2001. There are some freebies online if you look it up online. I live in Ventura County now, used to live in the SF bay area and was raised in Chicago, where I had a decent band at 13. I gave...
  24. L

    Gibson or Epiphone "Made in USA"?

    The USA Epiphone collection looks nice but I'm definitely experiencing some sticker shock. Most of these guitars cost as much as a Gibson, so why not just get a Gibson?
  25. rze99

    1965 Gibson SG Special Cherry

    Hi all. Finally got around to posting this non Tele content. My first professional standard guitar was a 1968 Gibson SG Special bought when I was 16. I used to plug it straight into my 70s Marshall JMP stack. Sounded incredible. I don’t remember thinking it was vintage or anyone making a deal...