1. Resojazznblues

    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    Go Dawgs!!
  2. Killing Floor

    Who Ya Got?

    Big weekend for college football. Who do you have in each playoff game? Why? Who win it all next week?
  3. fendrguitplayr

    Thursday Night Football - Pickem

    Trying this once more to see if any interest. Chiefs at Chargers tonight. The Chiefs (9-4) are traveling to Los Angeles to face the Chargers (8-5) on "Thursday Night Football" in Week 15. This game will decide whether the Chiefs will hold a commanding two-game lead in the AFC West with three...
  4. JL_LI


    Aggies upset ‘Bama 41-38. Gig ‘em Aggies. Heluva game. Edit to correct the score. Sorry.
  5. fendrguitplayr

    NFL 2020-21 Seasonal Thread

    I didn't see a thread on this yet so here we go. Two teams played last night to kick of the new season and the results were predictable. Kansas City Chiefs had an easy time defeating The Houston Texans, 34-20. So, how is your team looking this season? (Moderator note: Thread title edited to...
  6. fendrguitplayr

    SuperBowl LIV Picks?

    Coming up on Sunday, February 2nd (Groundhog Day too!)