1. samueldixon

    Water based lacquer schedule?

    Hi, about to start spraying clear on a bound painted solid body using Enduro Pre-Cat Lacquer Water-Based Topcoat and was wondering if anyone had a water based lacquer specific schedule they've had success using? I've seen plenty of schedules for solvent based lacquers but there doesn't seem to...
  2. G

    What spray paint + finish combo is easiest to get a factory finish with?

    I'm using a - frankly, ugly - poplar blank for my next build, and want to paint over it. My past builds with spray paint haven't had the best results, probably because I'm inexperienced and impatient, but maybe there's paint and clear coat out there that smooths out easier than Duplicolor or...
  3. itsGiusto

    How did the great rockers repaint their guitars?

    There are so many famous rockers who did their own repaint jobs. Off the top of my head: Hendrix had two I think, a strat and a flying v. Maybe more. George Harrison had his technicolor-looking strat Clapton had some artist paint his SG EVH is practically synonymous with the black white and...
  4. THRobinson

    Satin Oil Finsihes

    Hey guys, been poking around looking for info about oil finishes and I've been recommended Tru Oil a lot by people, but I've also read that it builds up to a shiny finish. I'm refinishing a guitar that the previous owner botched. Mahogany body/neck and looking to strip the finish down, dye the...
  5. oregomike

    Rothko & Frost?

    Just stumbled on them while looking for Aztec Gold. Does anyone have experience with their paint? Whether shaker can or other? Any good? They have a pretty large color pallet. Much more than Ohio Valley or Reranch...
  6. D

    Can you add pigment to transtint for a solid finish?

    I'm refinishing a project LP I bought dirt cheap from GFS, and I've decided to make it a solid black finish. I am new to the finishing game, and I have noticed I get good results with transtint and tru-oil. The issue is, I can't seem to find a a solid color, water based stain (that's not also a...
  7. B

    Help with First burst attempt

    I’ve built and finished several strats and teles this past year and I have gotten the process down pretty good. For a single color, that is. Here’s what I’m wanting to do next: Basically, I want to make my own “Jason Isbell signature Tele.” If you aren’t familiar with the guitar...
  8. M

    Anyone tried Wudtone?

    Hello all, just curious to see if anyone’s tried Wudtone finishing kits and what your experience was like. I’m particularly interested in their Conch Girl dye. I’m sort of trying to decide if I want to put it on mahogany or alder, and also whether to apply the grain filler that optionally comes...
  9. B

    Removing neck finish, staining blue?

    I bought a new neck, with rosewood fretboard, satin finish (+ satin headstock). But the maple is BRIGHT orange. A very unnatural, neon orange. The maple grain still shows through it. What kind of sanding/chemical stripper would I need to remove this orange? Returning it to plain maple if...
  10. somecallmehans

    White Streaks on Body After Buffing?

    Hi there, long time listener first time caller. Working on my first build, I finished level sanding + buffing the body and noticed these white streaks show up all over the place. Does anyone have any thoughts on where they might have came from and how I could get rid of them? Body: African...
  11. G

    Water-Based Poly Finishes?

    I'm looking to put a water-based poly finish over Rustoleum 2x Ultra Cover Gloss Spray paint, but I don't know which one I should use - any suggestions?
  12. G

    Neck Finish?

    I recently bought a Tele Deluxe kit which came with an unfinished maple neck and alder(?) body, and can't decide how I want to finish the neck. I'm looking for a durable and smooth finish, thus my two main options have either been Tru-Oil with wax, or a satin finish. I'd like suggestions...
  13. J

    Lightening a ‘black transparent’ finish!?

    Good evening! I have a modern player thinline deluxe which I originally bought thinking it look as the pictures suggested - a brown George Harrison-esque walnut kind of finish, but in person it’s MUCH darker, black in most lights. See the guitar here -...
  14. H

    Final sanding for matte finish (using matte nitro)

    Just finishing off my first spray job. I sprayed matte black nitro and a matte clear coat and I’m waiting for it to cure. Last spray was mid December. Though it looks fine, the texture is a little rough and I’d like to smooth it out a bit. So I was wondering at what point I should start...
  15. T

    Do all the Custom shop Nocaster's have nitro finish?

    So I have cs nocaster relic (2003) and I was wondering does anybody know the finish on them? Mine has a lot of cracks and checking on it. Still I wonder did custom shop use full nitro finish on them? Like the original ones. Thanks
  16. EvilMorty

    Stewmac neck finish?

    I just received one of those Mighty Mite Necks from Stewmac and while the description says it is finished with is finished with clear satin polyurethane, it...
  17. Jake_the_tech

    Pine wood whitewash finish

    Hey all! Long time lurker first time poster here. I'm going to be building a 51' spec tele out of pine and I want to put a whitewash finish on it where you can still see the grain. I have plenty of experience working on guitars and I'm pretty good at woodworking but painting and finishing are...
  18. G

    Used Deft Spray Lacquer...then read some threads

    Hi all, apologies if this topic is repetitive. I noticed several threads with users discussing issues with Deft spray-on lacquer: some say no issues, others seem to be having issues a year after applying it. I thought I’d post my own process here with specifics of what I used and how in the...
  19. H

    Dark Cherry Burst Les Paul - Current Options?

    I really like dark cherry burst LPs, and I've always wanted one. I found this beautiful 2019 LP standard 50s in a store near me and am so close to pulling the trigger (if I can haggle them down just a bit from the standard price tag of $2500). I mostly like the color, and I really like the...
  20. D

    How to finish Tele body? (in this exact color/style)

    Hey all, I'm new to building guitars I'm planning on putting together a custom partscaster that identically replicates this guitar that I've visualized here. How would I go about creating this translucent blonde finish? Preferably w/ nitro (prefer the aging). Like I mentioned, I'm a complete...
  21. GFrancis74

    Noob question - metallic finish

    Hey everyone. This is my first post. I've been browsing this site over the course of the last few months as I build my first tele and it seems like an excellent and helpful community. I have an issue I'm trying to correct and some follow up questions: While spraying what I expected to be my...
  22. C

    Pine telecaster build

    Just bought this pine body. What type of finish would look best for this? I am going for a folksy look, with non-glossy finish. Thinking about either doing a tru oil finish or doing a clear satin lacquer but i'm posting here to see if anyone has any other ideas. Do you thing either of these...
  23. J

    Finishing poplar

    Hey everyone! Second post here, and I'm still on my first build (well technically, my second; my first one ended up being a practice run due to some issues with the control pocket...), so I apologize for my lack of knowledge and misuse/lack of technical and proper terms. Anywho, I am at a stage...
  24. znanjeiimanje

    Polishing scratches on nitro laquer

    Today I decided to change strings on my AO 50's Tele and stupidly enough I was not careful enough and managed to scratch the headstock with the pegwinder next to the high e string. I learned the lesson the hard way - not to use the pegwinder and pay attention, but for now this scratch (although...
  25. C

    How should I finish my first tele build?

    This forum deleted my text twice. For the third dang time:~ I just finished pulling my fretboard off the CNC, completing machining of my wood components for my first guitar build. The body is faced with wormy chestnut from a 120 year old barn, with the back and neck made from ribbon sapele. The...