1. F


    Hello everyone, long time reader but first time poster here. I am currently looking to buy a 1993 Fender Telecaster that was made in Japan O serial + 5 digits. I am having a few concerns that i could really use help with first concern is that the body code says “ORDER C-489” with a red G...
  2. aaronlowther1993

    Weird Feedback Issue

    I'm working over a Showman Reverb TFL 5000D for a buddy, and it's got an odd issue. Whenever a guitar is plugged into the amp, it will feedback at full volume. Just plugging a cable in and tap the end? No feedback. The volume and tone controls have no affect on the feedback. I had the unit on a...
  3. B

    Tele Serial Number Question

    Hi all. Hoping someone with a good level of knowledge could help me out with this. I have, what I believed to be, a Fender MIJ 50th anniversary telecaster whcih was produced around 1994. I bought this a few years ago but never really looked into the serial number of it. It plays good so I've...
  4. Activateclint

    Pro Junior IV, Reverb Tank/Module/FxLoop?

    Hi all, I'm looking at downsizing and these latest Pro Jr's look like the right thing. Only thing is this amp begs being cranked and using the guitar volume for cleans to overdrive. Obviously there are some pedals that might do a good job in the front end but I'd like reverb that won't wash out...
  5. H

    Modern Player Thinline Deluxe (kinda)? Or Squier '60s CV?

    Hi everyone! I'm going for my first Tele ever and I've always liked Thinlines (Less twangy, lighter and prettier aesthetically imo). Prices are high af and in my country there is not much Thinline offer so I'm buying one used. And I have 2 options: 1. Squier 60s CV ($390 USD) 2. Fender...
  6. T

    What a '62 Strat would look like brand new (4K)

    Hi guys, For all the vintage 50's-60's strats I've seen over the years, I don't think I ever saw an old (period-correct, from the era) "brand new" one where it was perfectly preserved for decades, the old guitars are always beaten down. So, I decided to make my own 62' Strat as if it had just...
  7. Vanhaye-guitar

    Blue Guitar

    Blue Guitar The guitar is a great versatile instrument. But also an art object in itself. Play this or watch it.
  8. jrintheemaking

    Fender Mustang Fujigen

    Hi. I already posted this in Offsetguitars but I was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts. I have a Fender Mustang from the Fujigen factory, ‘94/‘95 in Daphne Blue. It’s my favorite all-around guitar, but I’m especially fond of the slim C neck profile. It’s also got a 1 5/8” nut width, and...
  9. Vanhaye-guitar

    54 Strat Avenue

    54 Strat Avenue A Tribute to Leo Fender (thanks for all).
  10. Vanhaye-guitar

    Touch the Wind

    Touch the Wind. Retro guitar sound. Back in time. Saxophone is heartbreaking.
  11. A

    Fender CuNiFe Wide Range reissue DCR questions

    Hello, I recently got wind of the Fender CuNiFe reissues and I have been curious to see how they compare to the Creamery pickups in my MIM Tele Deluxe. So, I ordered a set and was unpleasantly surprised to find that: The bridge pickup was out of spec (mine was around 10.75K DCR, while it...
  12. F

    Kluson Revolution F Mount Tuners replacing Vintage CBS Fender F logo tuners

    The Fender F mount tuners always seem to be stiff, so I finally decided to buy the Kluson Revolutions in nickel and they just arrived. The peg/pole of the Kluson Revolution is MUCH shorter than that of the original Fender F tuner. Do you guys think that is positive or negative? Looks kind of...
  13. KrenarCilku

    Which Telecaster Would YOU Choose?

    Hey guys! Just did a video shooting out 3 telecaster and wanted to share with y'all! It would be interesting to hear, what are you looking for in a tele? Cheers!
  14. mspencer27

    1960's Fender 4 Pedal Steel

    Hello all, I have recently taken it upon myself to learn how to play my grandfather's steel guitar. As far as I know, it is a 1965 Fender 400 Pedal Steel, but I am completely in over my head with this one. I have no clue where to start with learning, and can't find any information on how to...
  15. I

    Very little Wattage Guitar Tube Amp. Opinion.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I build this little amp with the power output in the milliwatt range and I would love you opinion. Is based in 3 projects. The Alembic Preamp, The Real McTube Power Supply, and an idea from a guy named Kris Slyka where he use a Chinese pentode (6j1) as output...
  16. R

    Fender 65 Pro Reverb 2x10 Conversion.

    Hi all, I am a proud owner of a 1965/66 Fender Pro Reverb. It's an excellent amp, however it has what I can only assume are the original Oxford 12L5's in it and I'd like to keep them safe as I'm gigging with this amp. After doing a bit of reading on speaker upgrades, I keep seeing people vouch...
  17. B

    Hey fellow Tele appreciating personnel 🙂 advice needed please?

    Hello everyone, some help would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any ideas or info please - I'll put a poll up in case people dont have time to give their explanation but here is the dilemma I face. I own a MIM fender tele player in butterscotch, a fender tele thinline modern with p90s and a...
  18. KrenarCilku

    Fender Player Series Telecaster

    Hey all! I've been having an itch to own my very first Fender. Yes, I have never owned a Fender guitar before! I spotted this Fender Player Series Telecaster in Polar White with the Pao Ferro fretboard in the used market, reached out to the seller and we agreed on 450€ including shipping...
  19. Fretting out

    Are Fender serial numbers random?

    Do they just pull them out of a bin randomly like they did in the 50’s? I recently got a A.V 59 maple board strat and looked up the serial number which states it was made in aug 2012, for kicks I looked up the following serial number and it was made/assembled in feb 2013 And I thought “holy...
  20. B

    Best Currently Produced Mexican Tele

    What would you guys say is the best currently produced Mexican Telecaster? Also, is it worth it or just go a little bit more for an American made one? Thanks!
  21. Spox

    The Trashwomen

    Did a search and they've been mentioned a few times but not for a couple of years and no thread of their own. I really miss the late John Peel who introduced me to stuff like this. A vintage Jaguar through Twin Reverb, that Fender/Fender twang. They formed to do a one off gig of Trashmen covers...
  22. GuitarTalk

    NAD 5F2A 1957 Fender Princeton (original)

    Acquired this vintage 1957 Princeton, all original (except 3-prong and I had it recapped to be on the safe side). Pictured here with my #1 (1953 “Blackguard” Tele). As a side note, for anyone who is interested, if you find an early 5F2A like this one, it may still has an original 8ohm output...
  23. T

    Vintage Super Reverb Maintenance/assessment

    Hi all, I recently acquired a black panel super reverb, intending to put some money into it to use it as long as I possibly can. From the transformer codes and stamp on the tube chart it seems to be 1965. Beyond that, I don't know much about the insides to know whether it's been modded or...
  24. GuitarTalk

    “NGD” RARE 1971 Telecaster Custom (Double-Bound, Maple Neck)

    Thought I’d share a couple photos of this beauty before she moves on to a friend of mine now that I have acquired a blackguard. This one is CLEAN and weighs only 6.9lb… exactly the same weight as the blackguard to the gram. Pretty hard to find a non-bigsby, double-white bound 3TSB… especially...
  25. thegaijin

    Fender 57 custom champ. Thoughts? Stew Mac kit?

    Happy weekend to you all. I’ve been thinking about buying a 5 watt amp, most likely a Fender 57 custom champ, and wanted to ask those who own one a bit more about them. Most of the reviews out there are positive, as reviews tend to be, and listening to the tones Julian Lage gets out of his is...