fender custom shop

  1. VillainSean

    NGD Caballo Tono Ligero

    NGD! Can you have too many Cabronita style guitars? I think not ;)
  2. Tricone

    Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath Telecaster announced 6 days ago.

  3. VillainSean

    Do we need a reason...

    ...for sharing pictures of our favorite guitars? 1990 35th Anniversary Stratocaster, Silver Lace Sensors, Clapton mid-boost mod. I know it's not a tele, but...
  4. skidders

    "U" and "C" 50's necks

    I contacted Fender regarding Telecaster necks changing from the "U" shape. They told me they changed to a "Oval C" neck in 1958. I'm interested in getting a Custom Shop Tele and wondered what people's experiences were with both these necks and if I should go for one rather than the other? I have...
  5. F

    Vintage Custom 1950 Pine Esquire Thinner body?

    Today I received the Custom Shop Vintage Custom 1950 Esquire. This link mentions "True to the original, this faithful recreation features a slightly thinner (1.5”) laminated pine body." On the esquire I got this definitely isn't so. It's 1.75" for sure, just as thick as any other American...
  6. VillainSean

    NGD Custom Double Esquire

    This found it's way into my house today - "Ltd Pine Dbl Esq Cust Jm" or in plain english "Double Esquire Custom". Roasted Pine body, "50-51 Blackguard" pickups, reverse position in the bridge, 7.25-9.5 compound radius (my personal new favorite radi), RSD bridge and top binding.
  7. L

    NGD fender tele!

    Just pulled the trigger on this one. A 2016, 1962 fender customshop tele in sunburst By far the best tele i played so far. Couldnt be happier! Anyone got the same modell?☺️
  8. D

    Thoughts on the Fender Custom Shop Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster - Love it or Hate it

    Curious to see if he will come to NAMM this year! Street price on the American made production is right around 2500 and the Mexican built is coming in right under 1k. Mum is the word on the price of the Custom Shops.....
  9. 1969 Tele

    I bought my first Tele! NDG Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Journeyman Relic Tele + pickup question

    So I was on the lookout for a Tele while on vacation in the States. To be more specific a Fender Custom Shop reissue, but actually my only demand was for it to be a maple necked custom shop Tele. So I try all the 51 Nocasters 52 Teles, 55's, 67's and postmodern Tele's that I track down on the...