1. blackguts

    Lo-Fi rock'n'roll

    I think this turned out great and it is just my Fender Esquire with a Digitech Trio and EHX Big Muff, Mod 11, and 360 looper pedals. I hope you enjoy it too.
  2. S

    For Sale Rick Kelly drop horn Esquire

    For sale in Europe, a beautiful 2022 Rick Kelly, Carmine Street Guitars, drop horn Esquire. Darkmoon pickup, mastery bridge, huge neck without truss-rod. All pine. Sounds absolutely unreal. I have another Kelly and as I'm really dependent on the neck pickup, I decided to let this one go. Almost...
  3. birdawesome

    Tele/Esquire Conversion Fun

    Decided to have some fun and turn my CIJ '55 Tele into an "Esquire..." The results are pretty neat, and gave me a little smirk. Had fun doing it, and enjoy the way it makes me play...but I still like that middle Tele position more! Anyways, enjoy! Edit: Added photos of wiring for those who...
  4. superbadj

    Mi Familia(s)-- Family shots of my various guitars

    Let's start with the Fender Teles. 1996 TL52 w/Don Mare Hot Bakelites, 1985 TL62 (neck dated) all stock, 1994 TL52 with Keystones. So I like Fender Japan, what of it? And then my custom builds (from me or others) Pine bodied build (Cavalier Lion pickup), Strange Prankster w/Lollar P90, MJT...
  5. DocHelliday

    Esquire switch but no tone pot ala Gretsch "Mud" switch

    Hey sorry if this has been asked before. But is there a way to wire up the CLR switch so that it's more like a Gretsch "mud switch?" I don't want the tone pot, but I could use something like the bypass - 20% rolloff - 50% rolloff Whenever I look at schematics it looks like pos 2 of the 3-way...
  6. D

    Got rid of my MIM tele neck PU, but now Bridge PU sounds a lot less clear?

    Hi all, Tried to tweak the Neck PU on my MIM tele (don’t ask me how that went) and ended up with a poor-mans-Esauire instead. Now, when I decided to amputate my (then) dead Neck PU, the Bridge seems to sound a lot less clear/bright than before. 2 questions: Is this normal? Any chance I...
  7. DNestler

    Replacement pick up suggestions please for a mid 80's Squire Telecaster

    hello everyone, I have a mid 80's (E serial number) Squier Tele thhat I have modded over the years. (I've owned it since 1989.) Put a string-through bridge on it (and ferrules and holes, natch), replaced the nut, replaced the birdge pickup, rotated the control plate, pulled the replacement...
  8. likeasong90

    Help with wiring (1 humbucker + 1 vol 1 tone pots + selector as killswitch)

    Hi, TDPRI people! First of all, I just registered but I have been visiting this site for years, lurking and learning quite a bit from you all. Thanks for the massive knowledge repository you've made of this site! 🤗 I have an issue that I haven't been able to sort out even after reading loads...
  9. GoldieLocks

    New Church guitar build: "Esquire"

    New church guitar: Precision Guitar Kits "Esquire". It took a few months. Everyone should try this at least once in their life. The recording took almost as long though. Enjoy!
  10. G

    Esquire with 5 way super switch

    I was thinking about modifying an esquire and im not really good with the switch wiring, would it be possible to use a 5 way super switch to get 5 different modes so: 1:straight to output 2-4:normal esquire 5:eldred mod
  11. d0sk3y

    My new Squier Esquire FSR LPB with upgrades :)

    Hi all, just thought I'd post this, since I think it's relevant. This is my new FSR Squier Esquire in LPB, which I've upgraded the bridge and bridge pickup on. Parts were taken from a Fender Baja '60s Tele, which I've handed on to a friend for a very interesting Bigsby-Filtertron custom build...
  12. S

    Can anyone identify this Esquire'ish' Telecaster

    I have this old Tele and cannot identify it I do think its a custom build, to my eye it had no identifying marks, but when I put a black light onto it, there is the suggestion of an old decal, at least the shadow of an old decal But I do not recognise it at all, Mabben, Habben, Gladden...
  13. wyclif

    Tele/Esquire pickguard question: matte or 'shiny'?

    I have a question about some of the Telecaster and Esquire black pickguards that I've seen on different Fender-made guitars. Most of them I see have a one-ply black bakelite or plastic guard that is shiny and reflects light. But occasionally I see one that has a "matte" type pickguard where...
  14. themovierad

    70th Esquire Family Photo

  15. themovierad

    My new Teles - 70th anniversary Esquires

    Longtime member that hasn’t posted in forever - just got some new teles that I wanted to share! I popped on a Pearloid parchment pickguard on the surf green and am mulling over putting a mint green on the sunburst. Thoughts?
  16. TN Tele

    Joe Bonamassa at the Ryman, Nashville

    Saw Joe Bonamassa at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last night. Great Show, Josh Smith played with him, special guest Kenny Wayne Shepard. Joe played several Les Pauls, as well as a vintage Esquire, what looked like a no-caster with a humbucker at the bridge, a a variety of hard tail Strats...
  17. Steve Luckett

    Barnyard Junkies play JJ Cale

    A short snippet of The Barnyard Junkies playing a great JJ Cale song from a Festival gig this October 2021 here in the UK:
  18. Beebe

    Esquire Build Inspired by 70th Anniversary

    When I saw that the 70th Anniversary Esquire was pine, it was around the same time that Rosser switched over to using pine for his bodies and they were going for about $75. With that and the fact that the excellent All Parts TMO neck goes for about $109 at Stratosphere, it got me thinking that...
  19. J

    Do these tuners need a string tree?

    I’m doing an esquire build, and I am currently replacing the tuners. I’m thinking Grover Mini Rotomatics (205 Series) 6 in-line tuners. I don’t mind string trees, but are these tuners possible to have without a string tree? It says “6 in-line” but it I’m not sure if that implies staggered or...
  20. J

    Tele Pickguard Art

    Changing out my tele pickguard, and I just ordered a 3 ply black esquire guard to convert my Squier CV50 BSB to an esquire. I have a lot of friends who can paint/draw really well, and I’ve been considering making the guitar more of a “1 of a kind” by getting something painted on the new pick...
  21. M

    Tele humbucker esquire wiring?

    Hello, I'm making a tele with a single humbucker (Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge) and trying to wire it like a quasi-esquire. Just like in the diagram, both position 1 and 2 are not connected to the tone-pot. Since Hot Rails are known for being darker in tone compared to other tele buckers, I...
  22. J

    Esquiring a Tele

    I am the proud new owner of a CV50s Squier Tele, and I really enjoy it. It’s not my main guitar, but I bought it as something to experiment on. I’m currently torn on the direction I want to go with it though. Option 1: leave both of the original pickups and replace the wiring with a 4-way...
  23. Killing Floor

    Pimento Cheese, FYI

    It's almost Mother's Day and your mom and your wife have been wanting pimento cheese. But not the toxic dayglo stuff from the plastic tubs at the big box store. Make the good stuff. It's super easy and harder to mess up than it is to make. I start with sharp cheddar and mix in either gouda or...
  24. G

    Squier Classic Vibe 50s Esquire Djent!

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