eldred mod

  1. DocHelliday

    Esquire switch but no tone pot ala Gretsch "Mud" switch

    Hey sorry if this has been asked before. But is there a way to wire up the CLR switch so that it's more like a Gretsch "mud switch?" I don't want the tone pot, but I could use something like the bypass - 20% rolloff - 50% rolloff Whenever I look at schematics it looks like pos 2 of the 3-way...
  2. G

    Esquire with 5 way super switch

    I was thinking about modifying an esquire and im not really good with the switch wiring, would it be possible to use a 5 way super switch to get 5 different modes so: 1:straight to output 2-4:normal esquire 5:eldred mod
  3. Heavy Formvar

    Cap suggestions for Esquire 3rd position?

    The 4700pf cap (simplified Eldred mod) thats currently in the 3rd position ("front pos."/"neck pos.") gives me unwanted distortion with my amps bright (probably Twin-ish?) clean channel. So what I basically need is either a lower or higher value for more or less treble cut so it works with both...