1. itsGiusto

    Anyone ever tried piggyback IEC cables?

    I just found these! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NF9W8CW/?tag=tdpri-20 I have so many things to plug in - an amp, a pedalboard, and soon to be a dumbleator clone, not to mention whatever effects the dumbleator drives might need to be plugged in separate from the main pedalboard, due to...
  2. M

    How to get this tone?

    Hi everyone, Desperately trying to get this tone you can hear during the first 20 secs of this song : From the researches I made, the guy is playing a tele into a clean fender-like amp, and relies exclusively on pedals for dirt. This page supposedly lists the different pedals the guy is...
  3. C

    Pedals that are compatible with an expression pedal

    I’ve recently got an Moog ep3 expression pedal to use with my avalanche run and I’m now looking to get other pedals that I could use it with. I’m not looking for anything too expensive, no mooger foogers or anything like that, but some suggestions of a good overdrive or chorus/vibrato pedal with...
  4. Hades

    Pedal help/feedback!

    so a little background. I am a acoustic guy, I use to play in a band and I did use a electric guitar with a awesome marshal stack, but all that has changed now. I recently moved into a small place and just bought a nice small amp that does not take up space. I have never used guitar pedals...
  5. Ryan McCall

    Lovepedal Tchula

    I got this thing last week and it's incredible! I've used it for two gigs and I don't see it leaving my pedalboard anytime soon. It's always on and use my volume knob to clean it up. It is the only drive pedal I have on my board.
  6. abunchofpedals

    Mathews Effects - The Conductor v2 (Optical Tremolo)

    Probably one of the more interesting trem pedals I've had. It's got a lot of cool stuff, like tap temp (built in or external), exp input, waveform selections and a really cool "random" setting that switches between all of the different trem waveforms. Do you guy shave any Mathews Effects...
  7. abunchofpedals

    a Bunch of Uses for an Octave Pedal

    I got a Hungry Robot Monastery pedal a little while ago. It's +1 and -1 octave. There's two "presets" you can use. There's a blend knob for the mix and a blend knob for the octaves. It's dead simple and sounds pretty cool. I made a video with a few different ways to use an octave pedal like...
  8. abunchofpedals

    Ground Control Audio - Blood Oath (Low/Mid Gain Overdrive)

    I’m always on the lookout for a nice, low gain overdrive and I think I found a top contender… The Blood Oath from Ground Control Audio. It comes in either a germanium or silicon version. I got the germanium version because I’m a sucker for really low gain overdrive. The silicon version is...
  9. Fireball519

    Considering losing pedalboard

    Hey does anybody ever gig with just guitar and amp? No effects-just reverb in the amp(a la Gatton/Buchanan). I'm considering losing the pedalboard in favor of a small tube amp and just my guitar. I can get reverb, a little natural drive and natural compression out of a small tube amp...