effect pedals

  1. TokyoPortrait

    What’s is Your Real-World Minimum Pedal Board?

    Hi. Just wondering, what is your real-world, non-theoretical bare minimum for a pedal board? The absolute minimum you need to get to a state you would consider sufficient? My (current) answer will be in a post below. Pax/ Dean
  2. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (pedals)

    Hi. I learnt, I have enough. So, when I occasionally buy a new one, they should be something quite different and maybe even a bit silly (for me). :) Hence my last two - a rotary speaker emulator and an auto wah. And that lead me to learn that they can inspire new approaches, or yield...
  3. WWLaidback

    Collection of Favorite Pedal Effect Demos

    Hello to all, I'm generating an archive of internet pedal demos. Could y'all please help me with the collection! Here's an example of the content I'd like to show. Peace. I like this one at 5:12 for White Wedding. Hendrix Merman at 2:43:
  4. Lancer X

    Power Amp Overdrive and Effect Pedals??

    Hi all! Firstly, please bear with me - I am fairly new to tube amps. I have a Fender PRRI. I love how it sounds when it starts to break up, but my family and neighbors would (understandably) never put up with that. (I measured 106 dB when it was sounding really sweet the other day.) I have...
  5. Hades

    Pedal help/feedback!

    so a little background. I am a acoustic guy, I use to play in a band and I did use a electric guitar with a awesome marshal stack, but all that has changed now. I recently moved into a small place and just bought a nice small amp that does not take up space. I have never used guitar pedals...
  6. abunchofpedals

    Meris - Ottobit Jr.

    I just got the new Meris Ottobit Jr. and made a demo of it. This isn’t your average bitcrusher!
  7. abunchofpedals

    I Started Doing Pedal Demos and Would Really Love Some Advice

    So my pedal collection is growing (27 so far) and I wanted to start doing demos of them. Basically I wanted to show them in a way that I would want to see them used if I were buying a new pedal. It's my first attempt at this but I would love some feedback if you guys have time (good or bad...