1. Lancer X

    EF80 Micro builds - Problems w/ Microphonics?

    Hey all! I am scheming on my next amp build, a @robrob Bassman Micro LTP EF80. I am curious: how many of you EF80 builders have experienced microphonic issues with your EF80s? Reason being, in the interest of simplicity and space-saving, I am considering a combo in a Princeton Reverb cab...
  2. R

    Rob Robinette's Micro Champ EF80 Power transformer EU equivalent question.

    Hello all, this is my first time posting on this site, so forgive me if I don't have this in the right place or if I am asking a dumb question. Here is the build--https://robrobinette.com/Champ_Micro.htm#Champ_Micro_EF80 I am going to build Rob's EF80 Micro Champ, but I can't figure out which...
  3. Paul-T

    Fools rush in: Deluxe Micro EF80

    I was watching Robrob abd Dougsta's terrific threads on the EF80 and thinking how wonderful it would be to follow an expert build. And then decided it might still be worthwhile to follow a novice build. I was planning an Deluxe Micro after my fairly recent 5E3, built for a friend, and...
  4. robrob

    Will This Output Transformer Work In This Amp?

    I recently wanted to design a low power EF80 small pentode push-pull power amp for use in my micro amp designs so I tracked down the EF80 datasheet, copied the average plate characteristics chart and went to work. Since most guitar amps push their power tubes at or beyond the max plate voltage...
  5. robrob

    EF80 Small Pentode Push-Pull Power Amp

    @dougsta used a pair of EF80 small, novel pentodes in his push-pull power amp design and after some discussion in that thread I decided to use the EF80 datasheet characteristics curve to design a power amp to use with my micro amp designs. New Old Stock EF80s (also called 6BX6) are inexpensive...