1. M

    New project done! Kind of a tele?

    Just wrapped up a new guitar. It started as an unfinished Hosco alder tele body. I re shaped the horn and body and added a forearm contour. Originally I set it up as a black stained back and sides and red stain on the top. It looked cool, but it just didn’t feel like the right finish. So I...
  2. P

    MIM repaint and pickup swap!

    Hey all. I have a early 2000's MIM that I'm upgrading. This guitar is close to my heart. The first strat I ever had, was a mid 2000s that was painted flat black. Paid 400 on a lawn sale lol. I eventually parted ways with it for a Line 6 dl-4 when they were new and special. My second one i traded...
  3. joulupukki

    Single-channel AB763 Build(s)

    I guess this is finally gonna happen! Time for a new build thread… It warmed up to 40°F outside so I spent the afternoon with some power saws out on the driveway getting the hard part taken care of. Actually, gluing up the boxes is probably a bit more stressful than the stuff today, but at...
  4. purifyingpepper

    Trying to Sort Out My First Tele

    Hey all! This is my first post here. My apologies if anything is out of line. Just picked up this Tele on a trade for an SG that wasn't getting played. I wouldn't say it's in rough shape, more like confused shape. First of all, I don't know what I'm looking at, and neither did the previous...
  5. aaronlowther1993

    From scratch

    I've been building and moding amps for a few years now, but this was the first time where I really made a circuit my own, and created my own layout. I started with a basic AB7563 Blackface circuit as cut down to a single channel by Rob Robbinette. I started with his RR763 dual 6L6 design. From...
  6. radtz

    Acoustic Build?

    So... A while back I posted a bunch of materials I bought for building an acoustic guitar from scratch. It's everything but nut, neck wood, tuners and bridge. I do have the fret board and fret wire. Life got in the way and I never even started it. My first thought was to sell the parts, but I...
  7. D

    Got rid of my MIM tele neck PU, but now Bridge PU sounds a lot less clear?

    Hi all, Tried to tweak the Neck PU on my MIM tele (don’t ask me how that went) and ended up with a poor-mans-Esauire instead. Now, when I decided to amputate my (then) dead Neck PU, the Bridge seems to sound a lot less clear/bright than before. 2 questions: Is this normal? Any chance I...
  8. grandt

    No Electricity Tele Build Challenge

    Hi all! Hope you're having a great day. Yesterday I have started a new big project - to build a guitar with no electricity, which means no router, no bandsaw and not even a digital caliper. So far I've carved the truss rod channel with a chisel and here's a video of the process that I took...
  9. birdawesome

    6G15 Noise - Priority of Possible Solutions?

    I previously posted a thread here that many of you so generously contributed to, which helped me finish my 6G15 reissue -> handwired build conversion. The unit now works, but it is a little bit noisy, and I’d like to try to get that down a bit. In it’s current state, it’s still very usable, and...
  10. T

    [alternate WIRING - MOD] presentation, stereo/TRS wiring for my tele-babes and some other technical talks :)

    Hi guys 😎 This post is gonna be half technical talking, and half presentation post as I realised I still haven't do so since the time I signed-in back in the days... For the technical part, I'm about to re-think my two Telecaster's wiring schemes to stereo wiring : main idea is to have both...
  11. alberto2000

    Recommendations for DIY attenuator build

    Hi all I'm about to receive the Swart Night Light Jr. to use with my Fender SF Champ which has a Weber Signature Speaker and is 5W, 3.2ohm. But I can't get the idea out of my head to build my own attenuator - having read some of this thread...
  12. I

    Very little Wattage Guitar Tube Amp. Opinion.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I build this little amp with the power output in the milliwatt range and I would love you opinion. Is based in 3 projects. The Alembic Preamp, The Real McTube Power Supply, and an idea from a guy named Kris Slyka where he use a Chinese pentode (6j1) as output...
  13. P

    Questions About Wiring Scheme

    Hi Everyone, Basically, I'm working on a telecaster parts caster and I want to have independent volume and tone controls for each pickup. Im looking to use stacked Dual Concentric pots, as well as a master volume control that each section will feed into. I know this is stupid complicated, I'm...
  14. S

    68 Custom Princeton Reverb With Reverb & Tremolo Deleted (complete Build)

    Hello everyone, I'm here to show you my new build. The circuit is mostly based on a 1964 AA1164 Princeton Reverb but I modified the design by removing the reverb and tremolo just like Rob Robinette did on his website. I also changed the mid capacitor in the tonestack, the negative feedback...
  15. UK_Biggles

    Phat HSS Wiring Scheme With Mods - Please Rate & Vote

    Howdy fine folks! I'm putting together a 3 pickup Jazzmaster partscaster and never being one for the conventional I've come up with this wiring diagram for a "phat" HSS setup. Versatility is the goal here - I legitimately play so many different styles so in putting together my "forever" guitar...
  16. drew1d

    Ampeg/Fender Practice amp

    After working on my friends Ampeg G12, I thought about trying to make a small, no frills, single ended practice amp in the same "spirit". As far as I know, most Ampeg stuff is push pull, so I took the power section from a Tweed Princeton, and did a few tweaks. As for the Ampeg preamp part, I...
  17. 72_Custom

    Fuse Holder Polarity?

    I've seen it mentioned a couple of times from various sources that the fuse holder should be wired in a particular way: with the hot (coming from the wall and on/off switch) to the center lug and the transformer connected to the outer lug. I guess I'm just trying to understand why that would be...
  18. samueldixon

    Looking for some advice on routing binding channels

    Will be my second build but first time trying to bind a guitar top. It's a solid body and will leave the top flat to make things easier on me. My main question is just how to figure out exactly what router bit/bearing/sized binding/binding material to get so that everything works together...
  19. itsGiusto

    Video documenting/teaching about how to build veroboard pedals and finish enclosures

    I've been building pedals for a while, and with my latest build in March, I figured I'd document the process, start to finish, prepping the board, soldering everything, finishing the enclosure, etc. I made a youtube video showing it all and providing instructional tips and commentary, and...
  20. matman14

    Building a Pedal Board, Literally.

    I don't usually play out at shows these days, but have been invited to step out from behind the glass and do a set with some old friends, in Hollywood. All my pedals currently reside on top of the equipment racks in the studio. I add them piecemeal, as needed, for tracking guitar players, or...
  21. S

    my 5e3 tweed deluxe build

    Hello, recently I've finished my 5E3 Tweed Deluxe build. I'm pretty satisfied with it although there's some noise/hum coming out of the speaker. The noise gets quite loud when I put the volume controls up to 12, but on lower volume settings it's only hearable if you put your head close to the...
  22. zippofan

    Some more 1590A builds

    While waiting for pots to complete my parametric EQ, I got a few more of Madbean's 1590A boards. While I have a Rat and a Big Muff, I don't have miniature ones, so here we go! The "Runt", Rat board, quick stuffing job with a very special IC coming courtesy of a fellow member here, thank you FL!
  23. zippofan

    TH Custom 3 Band Parametric EQ

    Started this build today and realized I got the wrong pots for Q and Frequency, ugh. Thankfully I found a drill template, it's not going to be a blast drilling lol. I have built a couple of TH Custom's boards including their version of the ROG Supreaux overdrive, and their mono pedal size...
  24. G

    First Homemade Body!

    Here it is, my first guitar body that I made from scratch. I based it partly off the Pawn Shop Mustang, which is why it looks pretty small. It's definitely not fantastic, what with all the marks and scuffs, but it's a start. What do you all think?
  25. zippofan

    Dead End FX Terrahawk EQ Boost - Hawk Tonal Enhancer

    I got this board last year, meaning to start it in January of 2021 and kept putting it off for other builds because I knew drilling everything but the pots would be a little tricky. Dead End FX has made some of my favorites, I love their spaceman clones and have built a few, along with their...