diy guitar pedals

  1. zippofan

    Madbean Phaser

    I've been building a lot of overdrives, boosts, compressors, EQ's, even an analog delay, but with the exception of the Zeppelin Quaverato, not much modulation. Funny since my first ever pedal back in the 70's was a DOD Phasor 201. I love the sound of a 2 stage phaser, but other than a Phase 90...
  2. zippofan

    Completed a couple from FuzzDog

    I really like Fuzz Dog (Pedal Parts UK) builds, I did a Colorsound Overdriver clone awhile back and picked up a couple a few months back. The "Llamatron" (Red Llama clone) and "Bee Juice Overdrive" (Sweet Honey clone) were a couple circuits that I didn't have in my dirt collection. I could...
  3. pryonisys

    A few pedals I put together last week

    I've been ordering some PCBs from and I put together the following pedals. 2 Klones - I think these are much better with a tube amp then my little fender solid state amp, but I'm really happy with how they turned out. 2 Deep Blue Delay Clones - The delay is fantastic, but...