distortion pedal

  1. B

    Preamp pedal into THR10

    Hi - I’m an enthusiastic but clueless guitarist with a THR10 which I love. The “Brit hi” and “modern” channels sound famstacic, even through headphones (which I need playing in a house with two young children) However I’ve got a bunch of ambient delay/reverb/chorus-y stuff which don’t sound...
  2. B

    Electro-Harmonix Ripped Speaker fuzz

    Retails for $99.
  3. Power Grid Distortion

    Power Grid Distortion

    Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid Distortion
  4. Power Grid Distortion

    Power Grid Distortion

    Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid Distortion
  5. Hades

    Pedal help/feedback!

    so a little background. I am a acoustic guy, I use to play in a band and I did use a electric guitar with a awesome marshal stack, but all that has changed now. I recently moved into a small place and just bought a nice small amp that does not take up space. I have never used guitar pedals...
  6. K

    MXR Distortion III or Boss DS-1

    Do you guys prefer MXR's Distortion pedal or Boss's Distortion pedal? And secondly, how come?
  7. SaintSilas

    18v VS 9v

    I recently bought a Friedman BE OD pedal. It has the option of running off 9v or 18v power. When I demoed it I did so in 9v. So I added to my board which has a power block with a few 9/12v switchable slots and one 18v. I had been hearing people rave about this and other pedals at 18v. So I...
  8. SaintSilas

    NPD Friedman BE-OD

    Just got this pedal. It loves the clean channel on an amp. My first impression was not good but after cleaning up the amp and tweaking I can't believe I was debating getting rid of it. It has an internal trim pot to turn up/down the gain. I used it with the factory 12 o'clock setting. Definitely...
  9. C

    I need some dirt

    So, I have recently decided that I would like to add a little dirt to my board. I play worship, and I would like to add some sustain and some crunch to a few songs that we play. Does anyone have any recommendations for a pedal that is affordable that would compliment my board? my drives are...
  10. A

    Favorite Drive Pedals!

    Hey, everyone, Let's have some fun! Respond with your favorite drive pedal as on January of 2017! It can be any overdrive, distortion, fuzz or amp-in-a-box pedal that you want. I am sure that many people here will primarily like to list traditional classics, such as the screamers and Klons...
  11. L

    22v Pedalboard Power Supply for Blackstar HT Pedal

    I have a Blackstar HT Dist-X pedal. I love the sound, but it's been a strictly-studio pedal for me because it requires a 22v power supply and doesn't run on batteries. I just hate the idea of having another wire run from my board. So, does anyone know of a pedalboard power supply that has one...