1. Pig-ital modelling

    Pig-ital modelling

    The pignose may be regarded as a one trick pony but it sure plays well with others.
  2. 19sixty3

    How Fender Is Taking Its 75-Year-Old Brand Onto TikTok And The Digital Future

    Check out this article from Forbes about the newly-launched Player Plus Series and how Fender is investing in the digital future: What do you think? Is...
  3. magicfingers99

    WAX & FACTS - vinyl to outsell cd this year

    This just in: The RIAA’s 2019 mid-year report was released on Thursday and first reported by Digital Music News. It revealed that vinyl record sales were responsible for generating $224.1 million in sales on 8.6 million units. That’s compared to $247.9 million on 18.6 million CD sales. Vinyl...
  4. aaronlowther1993

    Thoughts on Eleven Rack or alternatives?

    To make a long story short, I recently came into position of a 24 track recording setup. I'm looking to put together a little studio in an old single wide trailer I own. I'm looking for something like an Eleven Rack so I have some options when it comes to overdubing guitars. I've got a Line 6...
  5. A

    Bias Distortion Pedal vs the Strymon Riverside Drive

    Has anyone been keeping track of the the Bias Distortion Pedal or the Strymon Riverside Drive? In a way, they both fit into the same category because they are digital drive pedals I am pretty impressed with Bias' products, but honestly, I have never bought any of them until they started the...
  6. 8

    Zoom G3X turns Wah on and off randomly

    So I bought a Zoom G3X earlier this year 2nd hand. It was all working good until this month(been a good 2-3 months in my possession). When I have any kind of Wah in the chain the effect turns on and off on its own, regardless of its position in the chain or if it's one of the 3 effects displayed...
  7. C

    Digital delay that sounds like a BBD analog delay - are we there yet?

    I recently asked this thread to recommend an analog delay with tap tempo and a lot of members recommended digital delays on an analog setting, analog voiced digital delays and digital/analog hybrids. Is there a digital delay out there that gets a vintage analog sound? Or close to one? Thanks...
  8. Otis Funkmeyer

    Ibanez PH-7 Phaser

    Does anyone know if this is digital or analog? It's got decent sound, and I like having knobs for blend, depth, and feedback. Anyone else using this? Thanks!