1. H

    Dimarzio EP111 Series Wiring

    I'm hoping that a: my idea is possible and b: someone can help me work this out! I don't like blade style switches, but if my concept isn't doable, and a blade switch will work, then I'll have to settle. Basically, I'm wanting to use the EP111 switch from Dimarzio to set my tele to neck -...
  2. T

    [alternate WIRING - MOD] presentation, stereo/TRS wiring for my tele-babes and some other technical talks :)

    Hi guys 😎 This post is gonna be half technical talking, and half presentation post as I realised I still haven't do so since the time I signed-in back in the days... For the technical part, I'm about to re-think my two Telecaster's wiring schemes to stereo wiring : main idea is to have both...
  3. LuvMeATele

    Adding series switch to Tele

    I know this has already been discussed here, but I have a slight variation. I want to use one of these, with a 3 way switch, to run the middle pickup in series with whichever pickup is selected (99% of the time it will be the bridge for solos). 2 questions - first, will these work? They are a...
  4. M

    Wiring for Series/Parallel with Coil Split--Is this possible with my setup? (Diagram)

    Hi all, I've been trying to get a working schematic going for months and have been very frustrated with it. I've got an old superstrat SSH with a mini toggle on/off for each pickup. For the humbucker, it's an on/off/on toggle that I'd like to use as series/off/parallel, then I'd also like to be...
  5. R

    wiring diagram

    Hi guys, got an itch to deviate from standard two pickup - standard three way switch and tone control layouts and go to two pickup - standard three way switch with tapped bridge pickup to wire bridge to jack, bridge to tone control and the neck pickup to jack. Anyone else wired this way today...
  6. R

    wiring diagram

    Hi guys, got an itch to deviate from standard two pickup - standard three way switch and tone control layouts and go to two pickup - standard three way switch with tapped bridge pickup to wire bridge to jack, bridge to tone control and the neck pickup to jack. Anyone else wired this way today...
  7. Steve Holt

    Wire Your Jaguar to Turn the Bridge Pickup off/on in Rhythm Circuit

    This is a mod I've been looking for for a while. If you're familiar with traditional Jag wiring the rhythm circuit activates the neck pickup only. When in the lead circuit you can turn the neck and bridge pickup on and off independently. This mod allows you to turn the neck and bridge pickup...
  8. fretflip

    A fretboard chart showing the CAGED-boxes and 3NPS scale shapes

    Here you can see how to change key, and also how play the minor scale and the rest of the modes using the pictured shapes. Have fun!
  9. GugusGuitars

    Esquire Diagram questions

    Hello to all. I am working on a mod Squier Telecaster which I want to get into an Esquire (I already have a Telecaster Offset for the classic tele sounds) and I came to a crossroads. I have a No Load pot for the tone, which the option to have one of the 3 positions to bypass the tone is...
  10. M

    I need help with a wiring diagram please.

    Hello my name is Mariano and Im building my first partscaster, it’s a mahogany body telecaster with a maple and rosewood neck. I thinking about getting a single coil at the bridge pickup and a humbucker with split coil at the neck pickup. I want to put a 4 way switch to get both pickups in serie...
  11. 2fingers

    (1980s) Peavey Backstage Schematic

    I have an old Peavey Backstage that was given to me in exchange for compensation for some work I did for a fella. It was stored in a hot barn, so I think all the caps are bad. Although I'm starting with the filter caps first, I had recently taken the amp to a friend to have all the diodes...
  12. rze99

    Suhr humbucker wiring color code

    in case of need.
  13. F

    Custom wiring diagram help

    Hi Guys, I've been searching for a wiring diagram for a new biuld, but I can't find anything to these specs. Is it possible that some of you nice people can help me? If one of you knows your electronics and can make a diagram that would be awesome, but if you can point me in a direction with a...
  14. Binx

    Unique Wiring?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what unique wiring you guys have seen on different guitars? Just kind of looking for some passive ideas for future projects, not onboard effects. I have done a few builds and really the only non standard wiring I have done is a coil split in a tele neck humbucker...
  15. IcoRan

    3 way blade switch help

    I'm just redoing my wiring but i have a COR-TEK 3 way blade which looks like this: The prob is that i'm using a wiring diagram that has standard 3 way: so I don't know which color goes where?
  16. IcoRan

    HS wiring help needed...

    I have an HS tele and I wanted to rewire it but adding a push/pull potentiometer used for volume that coil splits the inner (adjustable) coil of the humbucker. So these are the specs: -Fender humbucker on the bridge -Some kind of standard 2 wire neck pickup So yeah this is pretty...
  17. mamoru

    HSS Wiring Help - No auto-split

    Hi There! I have a Cort G250, with HSS pickups setup and push pull pot (to split the humbucker), 1 vol, 1 tone with a 5 way-switch (Auto-Split on position 2). I'm planning to change it to a 1 Master Volume, 1 Bridge Tone, 1 Mid + Neck Tone but I've been told that it's not possible to have a...
  18. U

    Idea for series/parallel + coil tap wiring: feedback please?

    As someone relatively new to guitar pickups and their tonalities, I want a setup that lets me test humbuckers in series, parallel and split coil all in the same guitar. I couldn't find any exact wiring for what I had in mind, so I came up with this and thought I'd share (firstly to get feedback...
  19. Colaiza1965

    Cabronita Wiring with Push/pull 1 knob

    Hello wiring gurus, First of all, sorry if this is repetitive. I was wondering if someone could help me. I am building a Warmoth Cabronita with TV Jones Powertron plus in bridge and Powertron in the neck. I am ordering an alder 1 knob and a 3 way toggle switch. I spoke personally with Tom (TVJ)...
  20. Telover

    Squier Vintage Modified Custom (72) wiring scheme

    Fellows, I need a help. I've bought the guitar in the title from a guy who swapped the bridge pickup with a different one then he put back the original. The problem is now the neck pickup volume is very, very low compared to the bridge. Middle position seems not to exist, bridge is loud. I have...
  21. Marn99

    wiring question

    So I got the premium 4 way Tele wiring Kit from Stewmac and I think it will work but I don't know if it's true to traditional wiring, especially the cover ground coming off of the top of the neck pickup. It says on the sheet that I would need to modify the neck pickup but I don't want to do...
  22. M

    HSS wiring diagram help

    Hello, I am working on a wiring project for an HSS tele with a volume and 2 tone controls. I am using an S1 switch and a 5-way super switch I have worked out a wiring diagram that can accomplish the pickup selections below, But I am having trouble working in the tone controls here is the...

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