1. NorthStateSirL

    AntiCaster - first tele style custom kit build.

    I thought I would share my journey of my first build with this community and probably ask questions along the way. I’m a big fan of the deluxe tele look so that was my foundation. I have a PRS Starla that is super versatile and I love playing it. With that, it is important to me to experiment...
  2. XrelishX

    Ideas 5e3 cab and volume

    Greetings, I am finally ready for my first Tweed but just a tiny bit worried about volume. I do own my home and have a bit of space but I don't always want to bleed my ears. If I bought a combo is there a mod that would still let my 5e3 do what it needs to do while dropping some power or volume...
  3. Michael Terry

    Had a crazy wiring idea earlier, any help is welcome!

    This year i finally built my dream tele from scratch, a bonafide cunife dual humbucker deluxe and I love it. However, in the interest of keeping the flame going, I was thinking of a wiring a second output jack but have that selectable by push pull knobs. So lets say output 1 works like...
  4. Retriarius

    Custom Tele Body - I can't find this unicorn anywhere!

    Can someone point me to a reputable woodworker without outrageous prices? I want an alder Tele body routed for three pickups (Nashville/Deluxe) with double binding. Right now, I can find a Nashville body to add binding to, or a bound Tele to route a middle pickup into. Also, I would definitely...
  5. Butch Snyder

    Fender Deluxe Reverb 68 Reissue Limited Edition Redback Celestion

    Found one for sale. Seller is wanting $799. Can you guys tell me about this amp and if it's worth what the seller is asking?
  6. T

    2x10 speakers for deluxe reverb?

    Hi all, I have a 65 ri deluxe reverb with a 2x10 baffle loaded with two wgs veteran 10s. I really like the vet 10s vintage tone but was considering other options too, so any recommendations? Also would you say 1x12 is better than 2x10 configuration? Thanks.
  7. C

    5E3 Tweed Deluxe extension cabinets

    Hi all, Is anyone familiar with original tweed deluxe extension cabinets? I want to construct an extension cab for a 5E3 head and I'm hoping to find out if the front of them were sloped like the Deluxe combo cab. I've seen a few pictures of them, but it's tough to tell. Could be Fender...
  8. Activateclint

    Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb vs 68 custom vs Supersonic 22?

    So i'm wondering about the reissues, i like them all it seems and probably wont get to play all (certainly not side-by-side) due to limited supply, covid and just what will be in my area/country (Gold Coast Queensland AUS) but all can be ordered online. They all seem to have/share the same base...
  9. georgekitchen

    Paramount PM-2 Deluxe, why so hard to find?

    Hello I have turned to this forum as I am puzzled as to why it is so hard to source a PM-2 deluxe?, I have wanted one for a while and nearly purchased the PM-2 standard in recent weeks, but ideally I would like to know why these deluxe versions are so elusive, is it the pandemic that has...
  10. T

    Speaker for 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    So I have the 68 Custom Dlx Reverb and searching for a great new speaker to it. I'm interested in WGS speakers (the G12C for example). So I'd like to hear what you are using on your DRRI and if you have any recommendations.
  11. Ryan22Minor

    Bigsby on new Vintera roadworn 70s deluxe tele

    I know bigsbys on teles have been covered many times already but it seems every time I try to research putting one on a deluxe dual humbucker model I find myself very confused as information for a standard configuration tele and a tele custom all seem to get mixed together. To be specific I am...
  12. G

    Pot Installation Help?

    I'm trying to attach the pots to the pickguard on my Fret Wire Telecaster Deluxe kit, but because of this little protrusion, they won't stay flush. Anyone know how to put these pots on the guard?
  13. xambackwards

    Classic Vibe Deluxe 70s string spacing

    Hi, I'm, getting a new classic vibe deluxe tomorrow (woohoo!) Already planning to mod it! My questions are: 1. what is the string spacing on those? will this bridge work?
  14. T

    5E3 120 cycle hum

    Hey everyone, I recently finished building this 5E3 style amp. The thing sounds awesome but it has a nasty 120 cycle hum going on. I've already gone over the lead dress and the grounding of the amp and I am now at a loss. The hum only increases with the volume on the bright channel and the...
  15. bendercaster

    Slipping Tuners?

    Does anyone have experience with the Fender/Schaller Deluxe Staggered Cast/Sealed Tuning machines that would have been on some Fenders in the 2000s? I'm appealing to the collective TDPRI wisdom here. I have an early 2000 American Fat Strat Texas Special Stratocaster. For years it was my only...
  16. dwindover

    Classictone vs. Mojotone vs. APD 5e3 OT's

    Hey all, Most of the amp parts companies seem to build replicas of the 50246 OT for their 5e3 Output Transformer. I've used the Classictone (RIP), and it's fantastic. I wonder if anyone has compared the Classictone 18022 to the standard Mojotone (Heyboer), APD8022H (supposedly a replica of the...
  17. ThePanda

    Optimized 5E3P "Proluxe"

    This might be my first post. I lurk here often for amp tips. I stuffed a Champ Micro into a Marshall MG10CD a few months ago and have the itch to make a 5E3 6L6. I took robrob's optimized 5E3 and added combined it with the Proluxe build on his site. How is this? Here is one with the...
  18. mondo

    5E3 layout sheet

    I sketched a blank template of the “Tweed Deluxe” layout to print extra copies for ease of illustration. It’s helping me as a learning tool to map out different grounds, B+, voltage nodes separately. If anyone would like to use this feel free. I will scan a copy and post a PDF later. You can...
  19. teleforman

    Heit Deluxe Pick-Ups

    Hey there TDPRI crew. I nabbed a late 60's Heit Deluxe for a song so now I need to figure it out. Does anyone know what the pickups are? Humbuckers, Single coil, something else? Anyone have any value guestimates on this thing? It is in good shape and plays, I guess, as it should.
  20. theprofessor

    The Tone! Neil Young's "Eldorado" on Freedom

    As a young kid learning to play the acoustic guitar, I started off with the classic Neil Young stuff, along with CSNY. If I recall correctly, the album Freedom came out when I was in junior high school, and I listened to it a good bit at that time. I believe this was just before Eddie Vedder was...
  21. S

    Need help with my '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue

    Hey all, this is my first post on this forum so I apologize if my formatting is a little off. A few years back I made the ultimate mistake of using my DRRI without the speaker connected. I was using a Radial JDX DI to record straight from the amp to my interface but neglected to connect the...
  22. K

    Telecaster Deluxe American Original with CUNIFE 2021?

    Think we’ll see Fender release an American Original Telecaster Deluxe with the CUNIFE WRHs next year? I have to think it’s around the corner since they sell the neck and the bridge pickups a la carte now. Would you choose that over the Custom? Trying to decide which I’d go for but need to see...
  23. swg23

    cutting headstock shape/ not fitting

    Hello to all, I'm hoping if someone has encountered my problem they can share some advice. I'm gathering parts to build my version of a Tele Deluxe and bought a uncut paddle headstock. As big as it is- when putting my template against it, the curve beneath the tuners is made so that the only...
  24. Binx

    2 More Teles Done

    So I was able to get around to finishing two builds the past couple of weeks. The tele custom I had started about 2 years ago before getting into our fixer-upper home. The multi piece alder Telecaster has a wide range humbucker in the neck, but it is not the larger fender size. It is standard...
  25. E

    Telecaster deluxe wiring issue

    Hi everyone, First post here so hopefully i'm doing this the right way. I was trying to mimic a wiring diagram from Seymour duncan but all i get is a heavy buzz (static or bad ground noise) and no thump on the pickups at all. I did notice that if i touch the input jack hot tip with my fingers...