delay pedal

  1. Butch Snyder

    Need a New Delay Pedal, What's Your Favorite?

    I have a Seymour Duncan DejaVu delay pedal. It's a great pedal if you know how to use it; and up until a little while ago, I didn't. I'm using it for general delay repeats. Trying to use it for those dotted-eighth note repeats ala Albert Lee. I'm looking for a pedal to use specifically for...
  2. KrenarCilku

    Would You Treat Yourself to a $400 Delay Pedal?

    Hey guys, I recently had the chance to play the new J.Rockett Clockwork delay pedal. It's an awesome fully analog tape echo delay that also has a boost and modulation function but the thing is, it clocks in (pun intended) at around $400... For the same amount, for $100 more you could get an...
  3. K

    Suggestions for Rockabilly - Multi Effect Stomp Box

    I am an intermediate hobbyist, no gigging - I love my Tele and I really like playing Rockabilly. I just find having multiple pedals confusing. There's alway a cable making noise or a power supply causing hum. I'm sure I haven't invested enough in "good" pedals and equipment, however: Can you...
  4. K

    Most Versatile Tube amp (5-20W)?

    I have a Monoprice 611815 Stageright amp. What a great little amp! I feel lucky to have it. For $250 - it was a great bargain. I upgraded the Reverb tank. Not sure it really made much of a difference - and as others have said, the Gain knob is not great. I'm not a great fan of pedals - I...
  5. WWLaidback

    Collection of Favorite Pedal Effect Demos

    Hello to all, I'm generating an archive of internet pedal demos. Could y'all please help me with the collection! Here's an example of the content I'd like to show. Peace. I like this one at 5:12 for White Wedding. Hendrix Merman at 2:43:
  6. zippofan

    Aion Vector Delay

    Back in November-ish my good ole Visual Sound Garage Tone Axle Grease delay (phew, that's a long name!) gave up the ghost. When I popped the circuit out to troubleshoot I was confronted with an SMD circuit. While I have worked on SMD's in my late 20's, I drink way too much coffee now to...
  7. Zecsson

    Boss Tera Echo or Keeley Mag Echo

    I want to add an echo pedal to my pedalboard. I can't decide between Boss Tera Echo and Keeley Mag Echo. I'm leaning towards Keeley, but I wanted to hear your opinion. Any owner, any experience with mentioned pedals? Thanks
  8. ieatlions

    NPD Providence DLY-4

    Providence DLY-4 Chrono Delay. (Gratuitous Tele shot is welcome I’m sure :) ) Arrived this morning. Put a few hours in getting to know it and I’m really pleased. My search for a new delay pedal led me to the DLY-4, and on paper it met my requirements perfectly. Watched a bunch of videos and...