curly maple

  1. lbridenstine

    Matching multi-scale guitar and bass

    I'm starting up a couple of new builds for a friend. It's going to be an 8 string guitar and a 5 string bass. Both are multi-scale and they will match each other visually. Multi-scale is new for me, so I asked Shawn May (May Custom Basses) if he could cut the fret slots for me. I took a trip to...
  2. tkmclaughlin

    Trying to Replicate Flame Maple Finish

    Hi all, I am an avid reader, but infrequent poster, on this forum. I was hoping some of the more experienced folks here might be able to offer some advice. I have purchased a flame drop top for a new guitar project I will be starting. Here is a link to the drop top (just with some naptha...
  3. Jsil13

    Black Limba Firebird Build

    Hey guys, so I've been sprinkling this project into another thread I have going on a Tele build I'm doing, but wanted to start a thread for this guitar. I recently just got into building and currently have several projects going. One waiting for paint to cure, one in the process of being...