1. KikiBanks

    Thoughts on different colour palettes for my build design

    Just tryna see which one will be better. The red one however makes it feel like a red mustang to me, which I don’t really want this resembling something too much. However the control plate would look much better with the pearl pickguard. Maybe meet in the middle with a celestial blue colour with...
  2. KikiBanks

    Second attempt at digital designing, thoughts?

    Got bored and drew something up, so sorry for little detail or scaling of hardware.
  3. KikiBanks

    Thoughts on my new custom design guitar shape?

    First time designing a guitar, I’ve already cut and sanded the body and bought most of the parts. Just want thoughts before I assemble it or any ideas. (First time drawing a guitar and creating a digital guitar design (free handed it)) .