coil tap

  1. P

    Michael Kelly

    I’m looking at a Michael Kelly 1953 online. Do these models have coil tapping controls?
  2. O

    Wiring diagram help!

    Hi all! I'm looking for some help with putting together a wiring diagram for a current build. The details: I've got a DiMarzio Twang King single coil in the neck and a DiMarzio Chopper T humbucker in the bridge with a 3-way selector switch. What I'm looking to do is use two Fender S-1...
  3. SoundMineFX

    4 way tele with tapped quarter pounder and no extra switches

    Hiya, y'all! Longtime lurker, first time poster here. I recently bought my dad's old E-series Squier tele back off my friend and have been doing a few minor mods to it in order to make it my main guitar in one of my bands. (Pops passed away a few years back, and I think playing this guitar out...
  4. J

    Tele neck pick-up for coil tap

    I'm looking for a single-coil Tele neck pick-up that is possible to coil tap. In the best of worlds I would wish for Stratish sound in coil-tap mode and a fatter over-wound sound in full-coil mode. I want the full-coil to match a DiMarzio Chopper T in humbucker mode in the bridge and the neck...
  5. TBuck

    What hot pu's for coil-tap option, push/pull volume control

    What hot pickups should I get for an Affinity Tele if I want to coil-tap one or both pickups, to be controlled with a push/pull volume switch? I don't know whether both pickups can be wired to switch between tapped and normal at once with just a push/pull toggle, but surely one can. I want a...
  6. U

    Idea for series/parallel + coil tap wiring: feedback please?

    As someone relatively new to guitar pickups and their tonalities, I want a setup that lets me test humbuckers in series, parallel and split coil all in the same guitar. I couldn't find any exact wiring for what I had in mind, so I came up with this and thought I'd share (firstly to get feedback...