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  1. G

    Best Pickups for HSS with Humbucker Splitting?

    Like title says, I'm building an HSS Jaguar with the option to split the humbucker for SSS. Any recommendations for what specific single coils and humbucker I should use, or what outputs I should aim for with each?
  2. n8fleming

    FSR Telecaster in Black Paisley Reimagined

    One day while browsing the Internet's guitar inventory, I came across a listing on a certain music gear site for a finished T-Style, Fender-licensed string-through body made of Alder. Black paisley pattern on front and back. Learned it was made for a limited run (FSR) MIM. The concept appears to...
  3. H

    Humbucker pickup slide-switch wiring

    So I just acquired a squire mustang with Seymour Duncan 4 wire humbucker pickups in it. It's has unusual wiring in it for a mustang. 2 typical dt3t but one is wired as a 3 way switch and the other as a rhythm circuit for the neck pickup only. I want to change the rhythm circuit to be a...
  4. G

    Best Humbucking pickups for coil spliting

    I am getting into guitar building and I was thinking of doing a Big Apple Strat type of build. Those have a coil split thing going on. Originally they had Pearly Gates I believe. I like coil splitting, however I am not a fan of the tone drop that can happen. Thoughts?
  5. 2020-09-23-tele-coilcut-series-halfOOP


    3-way HH telecaster wiring: 1 - bridge both coils 2 - bridge 1 coil, neck 1 coil, in series, half out of phase 3 - neck, both coils.
  6. itsGiusto

    Oddity on Seymour Duncan 4C wiring diagrams for coil splits + phase switch

    I want to put both coil splits and a phase switch on my 4C Seymour Duncan humbuckers. On a lot of wiring diagrams I've seen on Seymour Duncan's site, I'm noticing something strange: For the neck pickup, when in coil split mode, the red and white wires aren't being shunted to ground, they're...
  7. itsGiusto

    4c Seymour Duncan Humbuckers - Which wires to use for coil splits?

    I have a set of Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups. They seem to have 4 wires, a black one, a red one, a white one, and a green one. I'm not certain if these colors or their meanings vary among manufacturers. I want to wire my pickups so each is splittable, and I can put them out of phase with...
  8. Cysquatch

    HSS wiring with both auto-split and push/pull?

    I've got a Seymour Duncan Stag Mag that I'm going to be sticking in the bridge of my Player Strat just to add an extra "oomph" option. I'd like to have it set with a push/pull volume pot for the coil split, but also set to auto-split in every position other than position 1 regardless of the...
  9. Chango Frett

    4 Way switch problem with aftermarket pickups

    Ok... question time! I just wired up a Telecaster with an Area 58 in neck (no cover, routed the pickguard to fit) and a SD JB Jr (made a custom mount for it) to a 4 way selector (for series at position 4) and a Bourns Dual pot DPDT (yup, two actual separate pots in one and not a blend) for coil...
  10. IcoRan

    HS wiring help needed...

    I have an HS tele and I wanted to rewire it but adding a push/pull potentiometer used for volume that coil splits the inner (adjustable) coil of the humbucker. So these are the specs: -Fender humbucker on the bridge -Some kind of standard 2 wire neck pickup So yeah this is pretty...
  11. F

    Chopper T coil split on a Richie Kotzen tele

    Please help, Does anybody have a wiring diagram to do a coil split on the chopper T Richie kotzen tele? I'm very interested on this mod because I heard a lot good comments about the coil split sound on this particular pickup. Has anybody done it before? I would like to hear your opinion and if...
  12. E

    Pickup Coil Split question.. -- First post!!

    Ok, so I'm racking my brain trying to figure out why the author says it will switch to the outside coil of neck and inside of the bridge if the same wires of both pickups are wired to the same DPDT .. Any takers on this one? "a push-pull tone pot that switches both humbuckers to single...
  13. A

    HH hexbucker pickups sounding... microphonic?

    I bought a pair of Artec Hexbucker style Humbuckers to do a HH split coil with a 5-way super switch, 1 Vol, 1 Tone setup. However, after finishing the wiring, the pickups sounds microphonic. I verified that they were wax potted, and they were. I bought them off a reliable pickup vendor on eBay...
  14. U

    Idea for series/parallel + coil tap wiring: feedback please?

    As someone relatively new to guitar pickups and their tonalities, I want a setup that lets me test humbuckers in series, parallel and split coil all in the same guitar. I couldn't find any exact wiring for what I had in mind, so I came up with this and thought I'd share (firstly to get feedback...

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