closet clean

  1. thegaijin

    New partscaster - simple is best

    She’s done! Not set-up yet, but I’m stoked with how it looks. Body is from MJT. “Closet clean” I believe they call it. The color is exactly how I described it to them. I was thinking they’d get close, but they nailed it. Very subtle relicing that won’t show up on the pics below. Just some...
  2. KadoshKaos

    Warmoth/mjt shoreline gold telecaster and opinion needed

    So I had this profile created for a while but never had the opportunity to participate... ... Here is my shot! :) I've wanted for a long time to get a custom made guitar so that I find the motivation to learn and play... As I've had guitars on my wall for 15 years... but never did much more...