1. Rich_S


    That's "new open-back cabinet day" to you. In the beginning, there was the Lopoline 1-12" cabinet: It was a spiffy-looking little thing, just the right size to go with my Muchxs blackface Champ clone, built into an old Univox SS amp chassis. So, I covered Muchxs' reclaimed pine dovetailed...
  2. frusc25

    Silverface Bronco – Would you return if you were me?

    Hi all, Frequent lurker here on the forums. Never had the courage to contribute, but finally have a reason to ask for help. I recently purchased a Silverface Bronco on craigslist. I already have a silverface vibro-champ which I love, and I've been in the market for another to use in a stereo...
  3. engineer

    Cheap Champ from China? Joyo / Fame JTA-05

    So, I have been looking for a Fender Champ for a while now, and like most I was sold on the '57 Champ. I just didn't feel like parting with so much money for an original one with questionable electrical safety (thanks for all those videos and threads of people restoring and fixing up old amps)...