1. itsGiusto

    Princeton Switch on Tweed Champ Increases Volume - Why?

    I recently added a "Champ - Princeton" switch on my homemade 5F1. It basically takes the amp from being a 5F1 to a 5F2A by adding in a tone control. See Sw2 in this schematic. It sounds great, and I'm very happy with it. The only thing that's weird that I don't understand is that when I...
  2. hotrodchamp

    Champ thought experiment: one guitar, into both inputs

    Hello all. Long time lurker. New poster. Is my latest brain fart a bad idea? Is it even electrically sound to do? What would happen if I did the following: 1) Wire my Telecaster to have independent volumes for neck humbucker and bridge single connected separately to a stereo jack. 2) use a...
  3. ButterScotchPH

    Attenuator and Vibrochamp

    I have a Fender Vibrochamp XD that sounds best when it's really loud. Too loud for my family. Can an attenuator keep the nice sound at a lower volume for this 5 Watt amp? I'm considering to buy this one
  4. PorkChopExpress

    First 5F1 Build

    Posting some photos of my recent 5F1 build. Everything from the neck pickup on the Tele to the P-90 in my LP Jr sounds killer. I love this little one knob ripper - although my wife already let me know it's too loud for the house :D This is my first amp build. I hadn't done much soldering...
  5. 5F1 Champ Build

    5F1 Champ Build

  6. James Knox

    Six Shooter in a Champ 5F1 Chassis Build

    So I have this Swart STR Tweed which I love but the Quarantine hit and the whole family is at home All day long going stir crazy and NOT liking it when I crank up my Amp and play. Even with being a 6 watt amp, it is still really loud :) So, in order to keep peace in La Casa, I got the idea to...
  7. G

    Champ Kit build, no sound

    I just finished up my first champ kit and have a problem. There is no sound. When i initially tested my build i got a loud ear piercing squeal, Which i read may be due to positive feedback and could be fixed by switching output transformer primaries. After switching them, the squeal went away...
  8. N

    New amp on order

    I have a new 5F1 amp on order. The guy just sent me a pic of the finished wiring. Now just the cabinetry left. I am beginning to build up exitement for a soon coming NAD! (Only one of the two is mine)
  9. Mfa88

    5f1 champ build - wire voltage rating?

    Hi everyone I'm currently building a 5f1 using RobRobs layout , not a kit ! I have several threads on which wire gauge you should use, however only a few on the voltage rating. I already have some wire which says 300/500 V on them, (awg18) , which I have read means u0/u where u0 is RMS voltage...
  10. pikesville

    How to test / discharge capacitors when positive not accessible

    I was planning to do some work on my "Sweet Baby" JTA-05 Fender Champ clone but, having opened it up, I. can't see how I'm able to test or discharge the filter capacitors. The positive end of each is inaccessible, buried in the board below. See pic. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on how I...
  11. hepcat59

    Fender Champ 4 ohm speaker

    Hello Fellow Tele nuts, I've got a question perhaps someone could answer for me. The Fender BF and SF Champ & Vibro Champ use an 8", 4 ohm speaker. I've read about people modifiying to a 10" speaker. Most 10" speakers are 8 ohms. Can the Champ push an 8 ohm speaker? Will it work without a...
  12. D

    Vibro Cahmp XD, good choice?

    Hi, I'm looking for small home use/ small gig combo amp. I was thinking about used Vibro champ xd. At the moment I have Yamaha THR10C which provides a lot of bass response and it overall sounds very full. So I wonder if that Vibro champ xd gonna sound as good and full as my Yamaha or even close...
  13. D

    5F1 capacitor

    Hi, so It is told that the schematic released by fender on 5F1 is faulty because it doesn't contain some capacitor ( i believe it's a cathode bypass capacitor around 22uF/25V). So what I wanted to ask is that, do the new RI champs have that capacitor? I bought a Chinese champ clone JTA-05 and...
  14. J

    Stereo amps?

    I'm considering switching to a stereo amp setup for my live shows. These days I gig with a silverface Vibrochamp, and I'm strongly considering getting a second one for this purpose. I recently asked around about good stereo chorus options, as that's a sound I use often. Can anyone tell me...
  15. RYAN1987M

    Best Simple EQ Pedal for a Fender Tweed Champ

    I have one of the newer Fender ’57 Custom Champ amps – and I really do love the sounds that it can produce! I’m curious to try a simple EQ pedal to see how much I can coax out of the Champ. I’m interested in manipulating its clean tones. I love the stock clean sound…but I’m also curious about...
  16. Jake Nelson

    Champ Build

    So 3 years ago I bought a Fender Frontman G15 for $6.99 at Goodwill. I promptly went home and gutted it to use for a champ build. Two days later I walked into a pawn shop that had one for $55. Oh well. This winter my metal fab brother bent me a steel chassis just perfectly. I am just ready to...
  17. RYAN1987M

    NAD - Fender 57 Custom Champ

    NAD - Fender 57 Custom Champ I’ve had the Champ for about two weeks now and I’m absolutely thrilled with it! I’m having a blast plugging straight into the Champ and think that it sounds fantastic. I’m still in the process of breaking in the speaker, but it sounds very nice already (and I’m...
  18. RYAN1987M

    Amp Stand for Fender Champ

    I'm just curious what kind of amp stand everyone would use for a Fender Champ. I just got one of the '57 Custom Champs - it's 13.5" wides, 7.5" deep, and 12.5" tall. I'd definitely like to have mine off of the floor. I'm thinking about using an end table or a nightstand. Ideally, I think I'd...
  19. J

    Put 6v6 tubes in my Bugera V5???

    Ok so at first I hated the V5, but kept playing n playing and 6 months later the Speaker FINALLY BROKE IN!!! Like it tunrned from stiff, rattle, buzz, horrible tone!!!! But wasn't given up!!! People, it takes forever to get the speaker to break in...give it time!!! I'll love 6,v6 power...
  20. J

    Silent Champ 5F1

    I have built a Boot Hill 5F1. The quality of the parts is great, David from Boot Hill sold me a set of vintage tubes, I sprayed the cab with Fender Neck Amber from Guitar Reranch, it's beautiful. But, the only sound I am getting is a little scratchiness when I sweep the volume pot back...
  21. M

    First kit amp build, champ 5f1 power but no sound?

    Hey guys, always wanted a champ but definitely not at the rpcies they go for used. Got the kit from Mojotune and it is my first time doing something like this. Followed the instructions from Mojotune pretty well I think, there is power going to the tubes, they all get warm, but there is no sound...
  22. Leuzie

    questions regarding Hoffman's 5f2a

    Hello everyone! I have been reading through a lot on this amazing forum the past month, while I’m trying to get ready for my first 5f2a build. Super excited, but I’m taking it slow to learn as much as I can before the voyage. There is such a wealth of knowledge here, and inspirational and...
  23. GoldDeluxe5E3

    Uncle Doug: Oh No He Didn't...

    He didn't what? BLASPHEMY! Uncle Doug just posted a video tearing down the Monoprice $99 amp and then compared it to the Holy Grail. Get a cup of coffee and schedule a half hour on your calendar:
  24. VintageSG

    Monoprice vs Champ

  25. D

    5f1 Champ line out?

    Hi all. I have a 5f1 champ clone head that I built and I'm wondering how to install a line out with a few possible options. 1: line out with speaker still connected 2:line out with a dummy load so I can just plug the head in direct 3:line out just from the preamp I've found a few other threads...