1. D

    Tweed Deluxe vs Tweed Champ

    Hey guys/gals, I was just hoping to open a conversion about tweed amps and guitars. Little bit of a ramble below, apologies. I just bought my first American made guitar. It is a used Les Paul Studio Deluxe 2 from 2013 (I am long time Tele guy and will never sell the MIM I have had and modified...
  2. alberto2000

    Recommendations for DIY attenuator build

    Hi all I'm about to receive the Swart Night Light Jr. to use with my Fender SF Champ which has a Weber Signature Speaker and is 5W, 3.2ohm. But I can't get the idea out of my head to build my own attenuator - having read some of this thread...
  3. theprofessor

    Back to basics - 5f1

    I started building amps for fun a few years back with a 5f2a, yielding a thread of epic proportions for such a small amp. I had a lot of questions, and folks were kind enough to pitch in. I hope that, despite its absurd length, that thread has been helpful to others. I then went to a 5e3 tweed...
  4. Jerry garrcia

    5F1 possible 5Y3 or socket problem

    Hi. Did something stupid. Had nothing to do since I was waiting for some parts for a build. I tore down my “Champ” and resoldered it all to get a better visual appearance. When I started it all up the lamp and rectifying tube glowed like the star from the bible. Everything was silence and no...
  5. heatx

    '57 Custom Custom Champ Reissue - P2P Modified by Franklin Amps

    When I was in the market for a 5F1, I was considering purchasing one of the P2P wired Champ clones that Frankyn Amps puts out, but ultimately went with the Fender because of the name. Simple as that. After receiving the Fender, I was running into weird sympathetic vibration issues with the amp...
  6. heatx

    5F1 Chanp as a Pedal Platform…

    I’ve made a few posts about the ‘57 Custom Champ I picked up a few months ago. I’ve been loving it. Changes to the stock amp are: - Full set of NOS RCA Tubes - Jensen P8R - Evidence Audio Siren II Speaker Cable I know this isn’t common, but I’ve been experimenting with it in the studio as a...
  7. heatx

    ‘57 Custom Champ, Modifications

    Picked up a ‘57 Custom Champ a couple weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with this thing. Sounds great fresh out of the box, but I wanted to make a few tasteful changes. Relocated the power cable strap/clamp to a position that makes more sense (the stock position puts the power cable right up...
  8. heatx

    '57 Custom Champ "75 Years" New Weber Speaker?

    Hello all, I'm mainly a lurker here on TDPRI, but I've learned a ton and enjoy the conversation. Just wanted to chime in here because I haven't been able to find this mentioned anywhere. I picked up a brand new '57 Custom Champ last week and noticed, after pulling the amp out of the box, that...
  9. JustABluesGuy

    Silverface Champ

    I might have a chance to buy a silverface Champ Amp. I have only seen a pictures of it, and it looks pretty rough. I am not an electronics guy, and so I won’t be able to look and see if it is totally original. I am going to try and bring a guitar to test it, but that might not be possible...
  10. Little Jay

    First built - 5F1 - works right away!

    I have some experience modding, repairing and maintaining tube amps, but never built one form scratch. So the COVID lockdown was the perfect excuse! I had a 4 ohm Jensen P10R and some IKEA-shelves laying around, so I ordered a kit (chassis only) from a Dutch electronics shop...
  11. doof

    5F1 - 180v on V1 pins 1&6 too high?

    Hi everyone, I just put together a 5F1 using a Hammond 290AX PT and a Hammond 1760C OT. My voltages are within the 10% tolerance for the most part, except pins 1 & 6 on V1 are 185 and 181v respectively, so about 20 - 23% high. Is this high enough that I should worry? Or should I just shut up...
  12. matman14

    5F1 Champ build diary.

    Getting set up to start a little champ build over the holiday. I've drawn out my layout make sure I have it well ingrained in my head: There are a couple of things I may add. I may need to do a virtual tap on the 6.3v. It'll depend on what the PT looks like on arrival. Mojotone says the PT...
  13. Lancer X

    Tweed Champ kits? Best vendor?

    Hi all! I am thinking about hand-building a Fender Champ (5F1) clone kit over the winter. Could you please recommend any kit vendors you've had a good experience with? Some candidates: Weber Mojotone StewMac Any recommendations? (This would be my first such build.)
  14. smuc

    Who needs attenuation?

    ...when you have a 5 watt amp? ;) ever since I started playing tube amps it seems that as the time went by, the power of the amplifiers I have been using was always getting smaller. From the 100W Marshall stack and a Hot Rod Deville in the beginning, over the 22W deluxe and a 18W Marshall I...
  15. drew1d

    Princeton / Champ never seems to break up like "Layla"

    I've built a few and always get too much clean headroom. like no breakup all the way to 12. I figured it's because the voltages always seem too high. Like upper 300s on the power tube, and low 300s on the preamp. (Anode voltage) Any tips on getting that Layla sound, or is it recording mic...
  16. Sylas Wojo

    Critique My 5F2A Build

    In this thread I'll be posting my Princeton 5F2a build, feel free to give me advise, tell me if I'm doing something wrong, what I could do better... Here Ill be documenting my process, so stay tuned!
  17. stev

    Boot Hill 5F1 - first amp build...what next?

    Just wanted to say "thank you" to this forum for all the great build threads that made my first amp build pretty straight-forward. In particular I appreciate all the posts across several threads that recommended sticking with an 8 inch speaker (Weber Alnico Signature 8S in my case). I'm sure...
  18. E

    Fender 57 RI Champ seems too quiet

    Just bought one, I wanted to test it before buying online but nowhere in town has one, I read a lot about it beforehand, videos etc. Got it in, Strat in and its almost dead quiet until I put it past 6 also sounds muffled like playing through a wall. Obviously some sound comes out but my...
  19. C

    57 Custom Champ vs earlier 57 Champ reissue?

    Hey all, does anyone know what differences there are, if any, between the newer 57 custom champs and the 2009-2012 57 Champ reissues? Curious if anyone considers one better than the other.. And yeah, I know.. kits, boutique builders etc but I’m really just curious about these two specific...
  20. M

    1955 5e1 Champ question

    Just got a 1955 5e1 champ. Looks to be all original. The tube chart and chassis are both stamped "EK" - Nov 55. The speaker however is stamped "6EV-34; 465-639" - An oxford from what I believe is around September 1956. The question is: Would this have been normal for the factory to hang on to a...
  21. Sylas Wojo

    5F1 Champ Build

    Hi, I'm trying to gather all of the parts to build a Fender 5F1 Champ amp (My first build). What do you guys use for Power and Output Transformers? I was following the mojotone build guide, and the 2 transformers they suggest are out of stock. It seems like buying all the parts separately is a...
  22. black_doug

    August 10, 1909

    The day Leo Fender was born. The Fender Electric Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company, Music Man, G&L Musical Instruments. What a legacy! What's your favourite of his many inventions?
  23. Telecaster88

    NAD: 1975 Fender Champ

    As detailed in a previous post seeking advice, , I recently picked up a really clean 1975 Champ. Towards the end of that thread I'd decided NOT to go after a Champ but to just hang on and enjoy the amps I had. Well, a few days later...
  24. R

    Silverface Champ to extension cab

    I am curious about connecting a silverface champ to an extension cabinet. Would something like this, along with a speaker cable, work:
  25. itsGiusto

    Princeton Switch on Tweed Champ Increases Volume - Why?

    I recently added a "Champ - Princeton" switch on my homemade 5F1. It basically takes the amp from being a 5F1 to a 5F2A by adding in a tone control. See Sw2 in this schematic. It sounds great, and I'm very happy with it. The only thing that's weird that I don't understand is that when I...