1. T

    Packed- Telecaster Wiring with mixed pickups

    Hello all. Long time viewer first time caller.:) I might be the outlier here. I am a bit of a minimalist. I only want to own one electric guitar, instead of having many for different purposes. I have a SH Telecaster that I am fixing up. Humbucker is in the bridge. I am doing a full rewire of...
  2. joulupukki

    Bassman Micro filter cap alternative values?

    I’m trying to source components for a RobRobinette Bassman Micro amp and running into trouble getting quality caps from the same distributor (wanna not have to pay a bunch of shipping from multiple places). The schematic and build sheet on his web page calls for two 47uF 450V and one 8uF 450V...
  3. photoelectric1357

    First build - safety question

    Howdy, I'm about to get started on my first build - a Deluxe Reverb clone from StewMac. I have no prior electronics experience, education or building experience so I'm quite aware that I've bitten off a large mouthful in the DR but am going forward slowly and methodically. I'm trying to address...
  4. Bajaha

    A way to painlessly test multiple pickups?

    Hi folks, I've had an idea and I genuinely don't know if it's mad, bad, stupid, been done, or just might work. What I'm thinking is, I get a **VERY** cheap guitar body and neck and string it. Then I rout out a cavity from near the bridge to near the neck heel. I fill it with modelling clay...
  5. burgrluv

    Parallel resistors on a PCB board, is it as simple as I think it is?

    Recently picked up a Princeton '68 Custom for $600 Canadian, huge steal in my books. Was holding out for a '65 but with this price i've decided to try a few easy mods to nudge it into blackface territory. Admittedly, I'm also quite taken with the amp's silverface aesthetic. It's been covered...
  6. Activateclint

    Passive high pass tone circuit for stompbox.

    Im building a stompbox/kickdrum box and want to add a capacitor that sends basically everything sharply above about 80hz to ground. Like the opposite of a low cut on a mixer channel. Id like it just plug in, dial in volume (on input on mixer with no eq option) and play, and not have to use the...
  7. tah1962

    Treble Bleed for Gibson Les Paul

    Are you using treble bleeds on your Les Paul? If so, please vote which type of treble bleed you use, and please share the values of the capacitors and resistors that work well for you. I just ordered new 500k pots, capacitors, and resistors to re-wire my Les Paul so I’m curious what works best...
  8. Binx

    Capacitor Selector Switch

    Hi guys, I ran across this article and thought it was kind of a cool idea: I know it's not a varitone or tonestyler (though I have always been a varitone fan, even though some of the positions are useless, a few give some cool options I...
  9. SSL9000J

    Tone cap: technical specs?

    Disclaimer: this is not an attempt to debate the merits of any particular components' brand, age, value, manufacturing methods, etc. Greetings! What I have are a selection of capacitors salvaged from various sources which appear to be in good condition. (Bumblebees, orange drops, etc.) When...
  10. TokyoPortrait

    Pots, bright caps and all that - That Pedal Show

    Hiya. Guess this is the right forum? Anyway, interesting stuff in general about pots, bright caps, impedance and all that. Had a wee search and don't think this has been posted yet. I'm feeling the urge to reach for my soldering iron... Pax/ Dean
  11. tizianod

    Stocking caps and resistors

    I didn't find a similar thread online, so this one could serve as a guidance for more people like me... I've been modding, repairing and building amps for a while now. However I consider myself still a rookie, all my musicians friends are coming to me to repair their amps. Recently word of mouth...
  12. C

    Vintage Caps, Resistors, etc. From Hammond Organ. Got Info?

    I'm looking for any and all information I can get my hands on about these vintage caps. I pulled these boards out of a '56 or '66 Hammond organ. I decided with the shape the organ is in it would be worth more to me in parts and pieces. I hate to destroy any instrument but I thought I might be...
  13. D

    Capacitor Tolerance Values

    I work in a lab on my college campus. I have access to almost all of the electronics to make a pedal, except the tolerance values for the capacitors is 5% whereas the tolerance values in the DIY kits are all 1%. Using the 5% caps would be the difference in spending about $15 vs. buying an...