1. thegaijin

    New partscaster - simple is best

    She’s done! Not set-up yet, but I’m stoked with how it looks. Body is from MJT. “Closet clean” I believe they call it. The color is exactly how I described it to them. I was thinking they’d get close, but they nailed it. Very subtle relicing that won’t show up on the pics below. Just some...
  2. Heavy Formvar

    Fat Neck Plates...Callaham vs. Glendale vs. Armadillo Guitar

    Looking for a fat neck plate to replace the Philadelphia Luthier Tools one that I put on my tele some time ago (chrome plated steel...sadly bent over time). I see a lot of folks recommending Callaham/Glendale/Armadillo stuff when it comes to tele hardware...and all three offer thicker neck...
  3. itsGiusto

    Rant against Callaham - Virtual pop-in arm is poorly designed

    Back in 2015, my MIJ strat's stock tremolo block fractured severely: I kept seeing that everyone said, "Callaham is the best, you have to go with Callaham". So I did. Having now used a Callaham block for 4 years, I can confidently say that I don't like it. His blocks are designed poorly and...
  4. Yellow Telecaster

    B-Blender on my road worn telecaster

    i just got a b-blender , the stock bigsby front roller and brass saddle sounded amazing with the b blender, but there was too much friction on the b string and it would snap after a day or two of practice with it. I didn't want to use the plastic replacement roller that comes with the b...
  5. kanegon

    Solving the Cabronita Bridge Mystery

    A public service for those with post-2012 MIM Cabronitas trying to figure out which bridge to use to correct the string spacing. Fender made the Cabronitas with 3 different screw/string spacings: 1. 2012 MIM Cabronitas: strings: 2 1/8 screws: vintage (apparently) - why folks noticed the...
  6. jason.clark

    First Post - First Partscaster

    Greetings from Southern California! I have been a member and reader of TPDRI for awhile now, but have never actually posted anything. I started working on my very first partscaster and thought this would be a great time to jump in and post! I finally received all the parts in the mail and...
  7. A

    Railhammer pickups - plus any other advice you can give :)

    Hi, I've previously posted about a Telemaster build I'm doing where I'm looking for a non-traditional Tele sound - warmer with great sustain is my goal vs bright/twangy Bullfrogblues - One of the forum members here - introduced me to Railhammer pickups and I'm now seriously comsidering having...

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