cabinet 2x12

  1. itsGiusto

    Cabinet with DPDT switch to switch speakers?

    I have a 2x12 cabinet. I want to use only one speaker at a time in it, but switch between them sometimes. Would it be safe to attach the speakers to the input jack by means of a DPDT switch? I assume it would be fine, but would I have to turn off the amp or put it into standby before flipping...
  2. Timjag

    Mid 60s bassman and bandmaster cabs question

    Apologies for asking a question that’s undoubtedly been asked before. I have a late 64 bassman piggyback (black tolex, blackface) head needs a cab. bandmasters seem more available and cheaper - are they the same? I suspect the piggyback screw flanges are further apart as the head is smaller on...

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