1. GuitarTalk

    New Amp Day - 1960 Bandmaster (5G7, “Center-Volume”)

    I had to jump on this one… I have never been this excited by a single piece of gear before. The model: Before I begin, if anyone else has experience / information with this particular amp circuit, please do share! There is an article in Vintage Guitar magazine on this 5G7 circuit but there are...
  2. S

    Blonde Bandmaster Sterile Vibrato Channel

    Greetings everyone :) I have a recently acquired '61 blonde bandmaster, 6G7-A model. I'm trying to figure out how this harmonic tremolo is supposed to work. It's the type that uses 3 tubes (well 2.5). I understand the light dynamic resistor type(dump some signal to ground), and the bias...
  3. N

    Help with possible Princeton purchase

    Hey! First post here, I was hoping to get some advice on a 1961 Princeton amp. I found a guy selling one for just under $2000. Pretty good condition but a replaced speaker (he says period correct speaker) and a transformer was replaced. Based on price I was thinking it was a good deal but the...
  4. G

    Blackface vs Brown face vs Tweed

    Okay so I have been doing a lot of research lately in my search to possibly replace one of my three amps. I stumbled across a video of the Chris Stapleton signature reissue 62 Brown face Princeton. Before you jump in me, yes I know they are a different circuit, yes I know that amp is ptp as...
  5. RadioFM74

    Advice sought: is a Fender Brown Deluxe good for Swing?

    Dear all, A reasonably-priced, nice condition Brown Deluxe has surfaced around here. I already have my store of amps, but this one intrigues me. The real question for me is whether it has what I'd call "warm cleans" and enough headroom to be gig-able in relatively small places with a swing...
  6. RYAN1987M

    Bias Tremolo Pedals

    Hi All, I've been trying to learn about the various different kinds of tremolo as of late. I'm particularly interested in Brownface-style Bias Tremolo pedals. Regarding Brownface Trem, I understand that there are two types - larger amps (larger than the Deluxe) had harmonic trem while...
  7. T

    12ax7 instead of 7025

    Hello, I'm going to build a Fender 6G2 which has a 7025 in the first stage of the preamp. If I used a low noise 12ax7 in place of this, would it make any difference tonally? Thanks.
  8. MitchJ89

    Hello! May I have your help with amp pricing?

    1963 Fender Blackface Deluxe Amp It’s that time again. I’m selling off some of my vintage equipment and I’d very much appreciate some expertise. First, please know that this is not an advertisement for my listing- at least not directly. I’m looking for insight and guidance. It’s a rare amp...
  9. Dfitzy81

    To swap or not to swap, that is the question

    Calling all vintage amp lovers, New to the forum. Just picked up this exceptionally clean 62 Princeton and figured this would be a great time to join! Basically a true closet classic, original owner had it for last 50+ years, with the majority of those being tucked away. Even came with...