1. El Serio

    Songs about books

    Lately, I have been reading Hardy Boys mysteries to my son at bedtime. Last night it made me think of the song Turning Pages by Eric Bibb. What songs about books can you think of?
  2. wyclif

    New book by Marc Ribot

    I don't know if there are any Ribot fans here, but here's a great write-up of his new book, *Unstrung: Rants and Stories of a Noise Guitarist.*
  3. B

    LINK WRAY: The First Man in Black 2021 book by Dana Raidt

    "The full life story of Link Wray, switchblade-wielding rebel who brought distortion & danger to rock ‘n’ roll." This is coming out later this year in 2021. You might ask your local library to buy a copy if you can't afford one :) Most libraries take purchase suggestions and they'll most likely...
  4. Bobchill

    Telecaster books & more stories!

    A point on the most fascinating publications about Tellies... & more!
  5. Bobchill

    Top Books for Guitars Lovers, NEW VIDEO!

    Trying to make a point on the most influential authors and fascinating publications for guitar lovers!
  6. B

    someone has stephen grosvenor's book?

    Hi, I was looking everywhere for Stephen Grosvenor book on Service Engineers Guide to the Vox AC30 Valve Amplifier, I couldn't find it, does anyone have the PDF that they send me?
  7. Fiesta Red

    Overrated Books?

    Books that are “classics” or “groundbreaking” that just didn’t do it for you... I’ll start... The Catcher in the Rye A boring, vulgar non-story about a spoiled brat who didn’t learn anything. The guy who shot John Lennon was inspired by this story (somehow). After reading it, I was inspired to...
  8. fendertx

    John Doe: More Fun in the New World

    ive been listening to his second book about the LA scene from 82-87. After enjoying his first book so much I had to get this one as well. What a diverse bunch of bands occupying the same space and time. Just a few of many
  9. rjtwangs

    Leo & Les

    just came today.... RJ
  10. rjtwangs

    For Nick Lowe fans who like to read....

    Cruel to Be Kind: The Life and Music of Nick Lowe Coming in August...looks very cool, and I'm also a big fan of the author, Will Birch, drummer from the Kursaal Flyers and the Records.... RJ
  11. Dave Vader

    I wrote a novel about playing in a covers band

    Hi all, long time no post, sorry. I've been very busy writing this, which is probably of interest to you guys. It's about a middle aged guy who joins a covers band to try and meet girls. It's already got a few 5 star reviews from the UK amazon, but only a few sales over there in the USA. Not...